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Thursday, 31 July 2014

A-Z of summer: Day 3 - C

The third day is C. For this day we went to the cinema.

Once a month we take the kids to the Cinema. A trip to see a newly released film is around £40 for the 4 of us. That includes travel and a munch box each for the kids. Its a very expensive day out for us and most definitely a very rare treat. The frugal in me screams that is too much money and to find a cheaper option. As it turns out all cinemas offer a cheap film day on saturday mornings and during school holidays. The showings are always older films which are no longer being shown in the cinema and often already out on DVD. The showings are at either 10am or 10.30am, sometimes both but they are the only times the cheaper showings are shown - not so good for us non early risers! We take full advantage of this and take the kids at least once a month to see one of these movies on the big screen. With the summer holidays now upon us and cheap showings every day of the holidays, I am taking my family, once a week.

Prices vary depending on the cinema. Our nearest is Cineworld and the films we see are part of the movies for juniors showings. At the time of writing this, Nottingham Cineworld are currently showing Rio 2 and Postman pat the Movie.

The prices are:
  • £1.35 (online)/ £1.50 regular price. This is for both adults and children. 
We always book ours online and collect them from the reservation points. Collection is easy, fast and more convenient for us. You are given a reference number once you have paid and all you need is this number, or the card you used to pay, go to a collection point in any cineworld cinema, type in your reference number and your tickets are printed for you to collect. We choose this method because we can guarantee seats. Cineworld have also added the option to choose where we want to sit which is fantastic.

We went and saw Mr Peabody and Sherman, a film that kirsty has been dying to see since its release in February.

A quick bit about the film. The film is about a genius dog and his human "son" Sherman. They travel through time getting into untold mischief and learning about the past. The film had some funny parts and some sad parts like you would expect from a childrens film, all in all though it was a fantastic film that i would happily buy on DVD and rewatch many times.

This week is Kaycee's turn to choose a film and she has chosen Rio 2, something that all 4 of us are very much looking forward to.

Total cost: £9.40 for 2 adults and 2 children. This included 2 munch boxes priced at £1.99 each.

Here is some photos of the day.

Kaycee and daddy with their treats. Usually Kaycee has torn into her munch box by now.

Ironically Kirsty had started munching her munch box pretty much as soon as she got in her seat. 

Ater our film we went and had some lunch. Everything you see in this picture, including the unseen smoothie and coffee, cost a whopping £30.62! Gorgeous food but not very frugal. Last year i was lucky enough to be chosen as a winner of a £500 Pret a manger gift card which we saved for when we go out. This meal was actually free. Had i not have had the card, i would have taken the kids to greggs for a sandwich or subway. 

On the way back to our bus we found an Emmet! Kaycee very excitedly posed for a picture, with her much loved lego character. 

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