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Thursday, 31 July 2014

A-Z of Summer: Day 1 - A

I'm slightly behind given that the holidays started last week so im playing catch up :)

The first day is letter A.

We are very lucky that each year in July, Nottingham council transforms the Market Square into a mini beach. It has a little paddling pool, some sand, a bar, some rides and a small arcade. Its fantastic just for sitting down and letting the kids run off some steam.

As we were in a hurry and had no spare clothes with us, we gave the kids a £2 allowance and let them loose in the arcades. Their choice of entertainment? The 2p machines :)

Total cost - £6 (The husband of course had to have a go too)

The kids had loads of fun in the arcades. I have fond memories of the 2p machines in Southend when i was a kid. My parents saved up all year, would spend an evening bagging them up and during our annual holiday - that was our spending money :)

The hubby of course had to relive his childhood! He stole Kirsty's machine to prevent a "creeper" (the adults who wait to steal a machine after a kid has been on it) taking it. I think he just wanted to have a play :)

Kirsty collecting her winnings. She has a remarkable knack of walking away with lots of goodies on these machines. Would it be wrong to give her a few quid in 10ps to see if she could win us a few £20 notes :)

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