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Friday, 6 June 2014

Time for a Throwback

We all have pictures we wish people wouldn't ever have taken. Fortunately for me you wont find many as ive always been the one behind the camera :D Day 6 of my June photo challenge is throwback, so ive rounded up some old photos of me at different stages of my life.

A very young 2 year old me lol 

Me and my brother. I would have been around 5.

 Age 7 or 8 at my aunts wedding

A 12 year old me starting year 7 :D 

These are tiny because i had one of those old motorola flip phones - when camera phones first come out lol The first is me aged 16 with my brother, i was pregnant with kirsty in this photo. The second is me age 21, just after Kaycee was born.

Apart from my teeth and my hair colour, i dont think ive changed much :D

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