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Tuesday, 10 June 2014

The joys of hair colouring

Day 9 of my June photo challenge is Hair. I mentioned before in a previous post, my love of hair colouring. I can be a different person as many times as i want. If im feeling a little self confident, a touch of hair colour perks me up. Ove the years i have dyed my hair every colour you can think of, but being camera shy, you just wont find many photos of me. Here is a few different looks/colours i've sported over the years, each one holding a special reason why my hair was dyed that way. You will have to forgive some of the photos, they are rare ones taken while i was having chemo and rarely shown to anyone.

This was my NHS wig. It didn't fit too well but i loved the colours. I had my hair very similar when i was 18 :D 

By far my most favourite hair colour. This is another one of my wigs but if i ever manage to get round to it, my hair would be exactly like this! This was the first time since losing my hair that i felt confident. I met Gareth not long after. 

I have no photo of me in this wig. I wore it once thinking i looked amazing, only to find out i looked like an idiot :D My sister kindly sported it for me though as i loved the colours. She ended up chopping it down for me and styling it abit better so it suited me more. 

Its a crap photo but i have green streaks in my hair. This was taken the day after Kaycee's sperm donor left. I had my initial cry, then went to the shops and grabbed some brown and green hair dye. I just wanted to be a different person. I was 6 months pregnant at the time and thought things couldn't get worse. Him leaving pretty much changed the way i looked at myself so i dyed my hair to celebrate my new found confidence :D 

Excuse the roughness. I was having chemo at this point and my hair had started to fall out. The only way i could hide it was to wear my hair to the side. When i received my diagnosis i made the decision to colour it red. I knew my hair was going to come out and had already been hit hard with the fact i would lose it. If it went, it went on my terms. Just before i took this photo was the first time during chemo i felt normal. Its very important to me as i look back and it reminds me of everything i have been through. I shaved my head not long after this was taken and keep my pony tail wrapped in tissue paper in my memory box. 

My most recent hair dying adventure. I went for plain brown. This was the base for my most recent blue and brown hair. 

The second stage in my hair colouring. I bleached my fringe. I would have happily kept this look but i went abit far back. So i covered the blonde with turquoise instead :D 

 My next hair colour... i am thinking i should go for pink streaks :D

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