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Tuesday, 10 June 2014

summer memories from 2013

Day 8 of my june photo challenge summer picture. The weather has been up and down so far this year so we have not had a chance to get out there and do anything fun. As i haven't been able to grab a photo so far this year, i figured a nicer post would be a run down of last summer and some of my favourite photos.

We originally lived in a small flat in East London, before moving up north. We never had anywhere safe nearby to take the kids to fly a kite so we improvised. Kaycee had great fun in the back garden :)

One of our free days out. I was working when Gareth and the girls went to Wollaton Hall. It looks gorgeous there and on the top of my list this summer. 

Kirsty posing for her photo at a charity fun day. 

My girls look worn out. This was another day out i missed on because i was working. This is just some random park close to where i worked. Its massive! Has a big gorgeous, old fashioned house in it, a duck pond, play park and surrounding woods which can be walked through. 

The gardens to Nottingham castle. We didn't pay to go into the castle because we are cheap :D 

Just outside Nottingham Castle is this beauty. It still houses the low ceilings, dark rooms cut out from the walls surrounding the castle. It has an amazing atmosphere and is cheap for a quick drink. 

Gareth blagged tickets for a fiver each so we could go see disney on ice at the capital.fm arena. It was an amazing show, i would have happily paid full price for it. 

Armed forces day last year was fantastic. The girls met Robin Hood and Maid Marion, saw lots of old WW2 tanks and planes, talked to some soldiers and saw some reinactments. We are very much looking forward to this years armed forces day.

This year we are hoping to take the kids to the little beach, the council set up in the market square. Not the same as sitting on a beach, but saves a hefty £68 train fare to Skegness! 

What are your planning this summer with your family? 

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