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Thursday, 5 June 2014

Shoutykid- Book review and competition

I wrote a post before about my love of ebooks. Im a firm believer however that nothing beats the feeling of sitting down and opening a physical book. When it comes to my children i encourage them to read as much as they can and am always looking for books which might capture their attention.

I was sent a copy of Shoutykid - How Harry Riddles made a mega amazing zombie movie, written by Simon Mayle, which we spent the best part of the recent half term reading.

Check out the books trailer on youtube.

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About the author

Simon Mayle grew up in the USA but now lives in Cornwall with his wife and their own Shoutykids. He words in film and TV and amongst his credits are " THERE'S ONLY ONE JIMMY GRIMBLE" - winner of a Brown Bear at Berlin Film Festival, Golden Griffin at Giffoni, best feature at Vienna and best feature at Kyoto

A basic synopsis of the book

"Meet the funniest kid in fiction"

Hi there,

My name is Harry Riddles and I am ten years old which my mum says is too young to have problems but she is WRONG. My dad just lost his job, which means we might have to move house and I need money to make my mega-amazing zombie movie but there is NO WAY I will sell my X-box! I’ve written to the Queen, Harry Styles, and the people off Dragons’ Den who might be able help but I don’t know if they’ll write back. If you have any bright ideas for making money I’d love to hear them and I can tell you how to get past level 6 on World of Zombies if you like.

Good luck and have fun

Harry Riddles

Follow Harry’s hilarious ups and downs told through laugh-out-loud letters, emails, texts and more!"

The book itself is aimed at preteens - aged 9+. Both my children read this and both gave an opinion.

Kaycee (aged 7/8)

" Its a funny book about a boy who wants to be a fish and plays a zombie game. He sends people emails about how he is making his game and asks for help"

Even after explaining the book to kaycee and asking her questions about it while we read together, i still do not understand where the fish part come from, but its cute :)

Kirsty (aged 11/12)

"Shoutykid is a funny book about a boy who plays a game called World of Zombies, which i think is his way of escaping the bullies and his problems. He writes emails to and letters to people asking for help when he wants to make a film about zombies to stop his family moving. I liked the emails and letters as it made it easy to read. I read the book really fast and would like to read the other ones"

The book itself is quite a large book, its almost 400 pages long. Its written in a modern day format using letters and emails instead of walls of text which i found really interesting. The text is in a large clear font and broken up by some humourous illustrations which makes it easier to read and with references to big celebrities like Harry Style, the prime minister and evenThe queen, i can see many pre teens being able to relate to Harry and the book being of interest to them.

The book flows quite nicely. It threw me back at first as i found it confusing jumping from one conversation to another but i think that is what keeps the readers attention - you want to know what happens next, where will Harry's story go? The first 3 or 4 chapters sets the foundation of the story, learning through his conversations with his cousin that he is being bullied and that Harry's character is slightly more complex than he first appears to be. The rest of the story centers on Harry developing his zombie TV show, which is intended to help his family after the bailiffs appear.

Throughout the book, you see Harry's character grow and his confidence get bigger. With references to situations like bullying, i felt that this was a character than most 10 year old could relate to. Harry himself is funny and makes childlike conversations appear very grown up, he has some quick witted answers which I found myself giving a little smile, having heard a similar tone from my then 10 year old. You can not help feel sorry for Harry and towards the end of the book I found myself addicted to finding out what happens next. I will not spoil the ending for you all, but I felt it had no need to switch like it did. However given the rest of the book is written it did tie up the story and left a smile on my face.

All in all I felt the book was full of light hearted humor, giving us adults a view from a ten year old's eyes. Kirsty loved the book and is nagging me to purchase the second installment.

Shoutykid is part of a 3 part book series and priced very reasonably on Amazon. It was released today (5th June 2014) and I'm sure it's going to be quite popular. 

Here is the link to the book on Amazon
Pop over to their website to stay up to date with news www.shoutykid.co.uk

Would you like to win a copy for yourself? I've been offered a set for one of my readers to win.

Entry is by a simple rafflecopter.The only mandatory requirements is that you leave your email address and comment on this post. You can earn extra entries by following my blog and daily sharing via twitter.
Competition closes midnight Friday 13th June 2014. I will pass the winners details on for the company to send the prize direct. UK only.

Best of luck all x

Disclaimer - I was sent a copy of the book to read and review. All opinions are my own.

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