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Thursday, 5 June 2014

New hair, new me! Chill* Review.

Im a big fan of colouring my hair, its a big part of who i am. The wackier the better, the messier the better and the bigger the better, yes I like big hair... i mean BIG, fluffy bouncy hair!. I just feel naked without a couple of colours on the top of my head and tend to dye my hair a rainbow of colours as many times of the year as i can to show off my fab personality and just generally be different. Who wants to be exactly like everyone else? When i was ill losing my hair was a bigger blow to me than loosing my boob. It of course grew back but those 18 months were horrible and only made better by the fact i could wear whatever wig i fancied. A new me every day of the week. Poor Gareth couldn't keep up :)

I've tried every brand going, some from America, and mostly all brought online. I do not have a particular favourite, im lucky that my head is not to sensitive and can pretty much use anything. I tend to stick with a Dark brown as a base and then add in highlights or something completely wacky rather than go for a full head of funky colour!

I was searching on google for hairspiration and this product popped up in a photo. After a little bit of googling around i discovered Chill* on instagram and entered a selfie competition to win a tube of their new semi permanent Ed stair hair dye. I was chosen as a winner and kindly sent the colour of my choice, which was Turquoise. As ive recently dyed my hair and used their dye, i thought id share my results and as day 1 of my june photo-a-day is of a selfie, i could be lazy and double both posts up :) cheeky i know.

Who are Chill*

This is how Chill describe themselves.

Innovative hair care concepts that make hair colouring and styling a whole lot cooler for boys and girls that dare to be different! www.chill.uk.com "

The Ed Stain range is available in 9 vibrant colours (10 including the mixer). The dye itself is semi permanent, promising to last up to 20 washes with the minimum of fading which i think makes it perfect for experimenting with. Their products are ammonia free and my absolute favourite part.. they are completely intermixable. Chill* also have a toner/mixer which can be used alongside your chosen colour to make pastel shades, making the whole range completely customizable and just perfect for anyone wishing to have a unique hair colour.

How the product works

Applying this is simple. Shampoo your hair and towel dry. It can be applied using a tinting brush, your fingers or a sponge and as is common with most hair dyes, it works much much better on pre lightened hair. It starts to develop almost instantly but they do advise to leave on for 15- 30 mins and also advise that covering by covering your head in cling film, the heat from your head will help the colours final result.

The dye itself is very thick, almost paint like, which i personally felt was easier to apply. I wasn't splattering it around and as i was doing my fringe, the dye being so thick i found was easier to keep away from the parts of my hair i did not want coloured. Also because its so think, you really do not need as much as you might expect. I used maybe a little under a quarter for my fringe.


I was abit lax with the dye if i'm honest, i will need to redo it as i didn't put enough on to cover all the blonde. I think it would have gone over really well and been alot darker, if i had put the correct amount on. Overall i'm very impressed, it rinsed out easily, my hair is really silky and it still smells really nice. So here is the results. Forgive my miserable look, i am still under the effects of the flu and obviously its not been styled. I promise to put a better picture up when i'm looking all doled up :D

The tubes of Ed stain are priced quite reasonably at between £8 and £10 each, which sounds alot but the tube would last a while if just doing highlights. I havent actually seen these in shops, i have seen them in various places online and been told some hair dressers may stock them.
Chill* have a website which is currently being built, but that can be found here
Or you can find them via social media, which are linked below.

Id be tempted to find a local stockist and purchase some more of these. As its semi permanent it just screams my name and i most definitely think id look into the toner/mixer and a pink to create that pastel baby pink colour.

What colour would you choose?

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