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Monday, 30 June 2014

My month on instagram

I started a photo challenge on 1st June. I enjoyed doing it but found there was a few which i couldn't do. I was slightly lazy, not all are taken that day or within a few days or the photo a day. Some i have blogged alongside, so i have linked the posts up if i have. Overall it was fun and i'm looking forward to starting another in july :)

Here is a round up of how my photo challenge went.

 Box 1

(I purposely missed out day 2 as that would involve me looking fashionable :D)

Box 2 
Box 3 
  • Day 10 - Handwriting 
  • Day 11 - Outside - The lovely street i live on 
  • Day 13 - Last Text sent 
  • Day 14 - Finally sorting our back garden! 
(I missed out day 12) 

Box 4 
  • Day 15 - My favourite lotion by Ghost. 
  • Day 16 - Some gorgeous flowers the hubs got me from Marks & Spencer. 
  • Day 19 - Mrs Doubtfire. Clearly the best movie every made :) 
  • Day 21 - My friends :)
(Day 17 missed out on purpose, i couldn't think of anything. For day 20, my all time favorite song is Ace of Base - Life is a flower) 

Box 5
  • Day 22 - Nails done by my 11 year old. 
  • Day 25 - My addiction - Tea! Particularly Tetleys. 
  • Day 26 - My wonderful other half acting like the plonker he is :) 
  • Day 27 - A quote i found online. 
(Days 23 & 24 missed as i do not own either of them) 

Box 6 
  • Day 29 - A pretty phone case i brought 
  • Day 30 - My most favourite meal, pie and mash swimming in liquor! I was born and bred in East london, there is pie and mash shops everywhere! Moving up north... nothing! All chips with gravy up here :( 
(Day 28 missed out deliberately as i am sure you all like to keep your lunch down :D) 

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