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Thursday, 5 June 2014

Cats, cats, cats

Day 3 of my June photo challenge is Pets.

I have 3 cats and about 20 fish. Now the warm weather is coming all 3 of my cats prefer to sit outside sunbathing. The joys of being a feline :D

I know its only supposed to be one photo but i like lots of them, here is a few of my favourite pet photos.

Sam, the eldest of our trio is fighting the mighty fluffling. Think she got annoyed just after this as it stuck to her fur. We spent the next 10 mins sticking it on the top of her head, the end of her tail or on her back :D

 Jack, our middle fluff ball, wedging himself in the middle of me and him in bed. God forbid anyone goes near Gareth :O

 Jack again being lazy and sunbathing on the bin

This little thief! Was happily watching a film until i went to the toilet. Come back downstairs and Smeagol, our youngest cat had jumped right on my pillow! He stayed quite comfortably there for 3 hours!

And just for the novelty of it. This is what happens when kids go near the ipad :D

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