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Thursday, 12 June 2014

Cadbury marvellous creations - Banana Caramel Crisp - Review

I'm not a chocolate fan.... OK i'm lying, i LOVE chocolate, but its rare for me to eat several different kinds. Buy me a box of chocolates and i will take all the white chocolate, all the caramel filled chocolate and anything with strawberry filling out, before the kids steal it. I rarely buy new bars, no matter how nice they sound, but this bar caught my eye.

Cadbury have brought out their marvellous creation bars for a while now. The colourful packaging and mouthwatering flavours were just too tempting, so i grabbed myself a bar of Jelly popping candy shells and enjoyed every scummy piece of it! Not one sign of chocolate munching guilt occurred at all. More flavours started turning up in the shops and one by one i tried them all. Then today i saw this! A little bar of Banana Caramel Crisp! The caramel lover in me just flipped so i promptly picked up a bar and paid for it.... the diet can sit on hold for a day :D

In true Cadbury form, each piece is a chunky chocolate with chewy banana chunks and soft caramel hidden inside each piece. I was slightly disappointed at the lack of caramel in mine. Being a caramel fan i would have loved more. The banana pieces though were yum! They just shone through. It tasted amazing! and at just 50p for a small bar i would be happy to purchase more.

If you are a fan of chocolate and love entering competitions, why not enter the competition that Cadbury's are running? Buy a promotional pack/bar for a chance to win the item that brings you joy made out of chocolate or £5000 Click here for more details and to enter. 
I wondering if i could say my bed, and have a life sized chocolate bed turn up :D

What is your favourite Marvellous Creation? 


  1. This looks so yummy! Going to have to try this. *mouth watering*

  2. i tried this the other day had to throw it out the banana bits were too hard and kept hurting my teeth!
    my favourite is jelly popping candy!! i can shamefully eat a whole bar in one sitting......share size bar that is! :O

  3. oh my goodness, they sound amazing, I haven't tried any amazing creations yet, I tend to stick to the tiffin, but cadburys definitely make the best chocolate and I'm gonna have to try this!

  4. Banana and caramel. Never heard of it before but will look out for it now. Delicious.

  5. DIDNT like this bar shame

  6. That looks delicious! I have tried the popping candy one and just love it! I will have to try this flavour!! x

  7. Not sure I like the sound of it, but i'll try it




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