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Friday, 16 May 2014

Win £5 to spend at Amazon.

I love reading. Alongside knitting, crocheting and my love of pinterest, i find nothing better than curling up with a good book. I've wanted a kindle for a while, but money obligations haven't made this possible. My dad recently upgraded to a kindle fire so has lent me his kindle while i save up :) Reading from the kindle is not the same experience as turning a physical page, but being able to satisfy my inner bookworm and not have hundreds of books cluttering my bedside table is brilliant!

I've read through a few kindle books from Amazon now so thought i would share them with you. No spoilers added, just a basic "what i think" review.

As the crow flies - Damien Boyd

Part of the Nick Dixon crime series, this was recommended to me by a friend. Crime stories are not my choice of reading so in all honesty i was not expecting much. It was an easy read, quick to get into the story and i found the characters fascinating. I would happily purchase the second installment to the series because there is a great twist at the end which leaves you wanting to know more. Currently free to download on the kindle. 

Alone: The girls in the box, book 1 - Robert. J. Crane

This is the first part of a 10 part book series. Originally recommended on Goodreads, the reviews looked good and the cover caught my eye. It sounded like the sort of book i could engross myself in. Being part of a series the books itself is quite short, but it was easy to get into. The characters are believable and i found myself smiling in some parts of the story. Its well written and the story flows well. I found this quite fast paced but did not struggle to pick up where i left off once i put the kindle down. As the next 7 parts are currently available to read, id be interested in picking them up too.

Twin Souls, Nevermore, Book 1 - K.A.Poe

Part of a 4 part book series, this is a modern twist on the vampire/human love story. There is a few twists here and there and automatically thinking it sounded like another twilight story, i was pleasantly surprised it wasn't. I personally found this book hard to get into, i spent quite a while waiting for the plot to thicken and the love story to really develop. At the end of the book, the whole story becomes clear which leaves you wanting to buy the next part of the series. The cover looked slightly teenage aimed which initially put me off, but it is a good read all in all. I will not be rushing out to buy the next part but i would happily purchase in the future because i think it will be easy to pick up where the first part left off.

So there is 3 books I've read this month. I would love to know what books you would read if you were given £5 to buy some. Maybe you would buy something else and take advantage of the free kindle books on offer? Maybe you have your eye on a particular book and this would pay for it?

As always, entry is via a simple rafflecopter. The only mandatory entry is that you leave a comment on this post and your email address so i can contact you if you win. I have just set up a twitter and instagram page for my blog and would love some followers. If you choose to follow, you can gain an extra entry :)

Competition ends midnight 23rd May 2014. UK only.

Winner will be emailed within 48 hours of the competition ending and prize will be sent electronically by Wednesday 28th May. I will send to the email address provided on the rafflecopter.

Good luck everyone.
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  1. I would buy a good book for my holidays!


  2. I'd put it toward a new radio :)

  3. shamefully yet more nail polish :O x
    thanks for the giveaway chick x

  4. a book more than likely, but could be a dvd too, that goes with a book, though dvd's are never as good as the book, yes !! A BOOK

  5. I'd put it towards a toy for my daughter :)

  6. i would put it towards some books for my children thankyou




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