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Thursday, 15 May 2014

Slow cooker challenge Day 4 - Vegetable Frittata

One of my most favourite meals is a an omelette! Versatile, easy to make and best of all cheap. Eaten hot or cold, with chips or baked beans, it's a perfect quick meal and great for using up those half an onions sitting in your fridge.

A friend told me about this a few weeks back but I was very skeptical as to whether it would work. It is eggs after all. Deciding to bite the bullet, I made one to share my results, this is according to my personal tastes and the bits in the fridge that needed using up but is completely versatile and can easily omit or add ingredients to suit what you want. 

Ingredients: Serves 4 huge sized portions using a 3.5l slow cooker 

6 eggs 
1/2 an orange pepper diced
1/2 a red pepper diced
1/2 large onion diced/chopped
2 large mushrooms sliced/ diced
8 cherry tomatoes quartered
Mixed herbs to taste
Cheddar cheese to taste 


Step one: Prepare your ingredients. Chop up any veg you are using, grate your cheese, dice your ham. 

Step two: Lightly oil the inside of your slow cooker to prevent sticking. 

Step three: Crack eggs into the slow cooker, add any seasonings and the mixed herbs to the egg and stir to mix together, 

Step four: Add in your ingredients and give a stir. 

Step 5: Cook on low for 3-4 hours or until the egg has set. 

At this point I have to apologise. I have lost the memory card that had the photo of the finished item on it, I will update as soon as. 

This recipe is freezable. Chop into portions and place in a freezer bag or container. When ready to eat, thaw and pop in the microwave for 30-40 seconds. This is also suitable to leave in the fridge for a day and eaten cold. 

Cost to make from scratch. 

Pepper x2 - 50p ( I buy in bags of 4 for 99p.) Tesco
Eggs - 60p ( I buy the packs of 15 for £1- £1.50)
Mushrooms - 18p loose
Cherry tomatoes - £1 Iceland
Onion - 15p loose
Mixed herbs - 15p pot tesco value
Cheddar cheese - £1 for a small block iceland 

To buy all the ingredients would be around £4. The whole point on this was to use up stuff I already had in the house. As I used half the peppers etc this actually cost me around £1.20 to feed all 4 of us. I served this with some chips and a salad. 

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