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Saturday, 10 May 2014

Slow cooker challenge Day 3 - Moussaka

As i made a lasagne a couple of days before i figured id use half the mince in this meal to make my meat go further.This is my first time making this and i ended up using more meat than veg but i think next time ill go the opposite. A syn free version is included for those doing slimming world.

 Ingredients: using a 3.5L slow cooker, serves 4-6

2 courgettes - peeled (personal choice if you want the skin on or not)
1 small onion - diced 
5 mushrooms - diced 
1/2 pepper - diced 
250g beef mince 
1 tin of chopped tomatoes
1 tsp lazy garlic (use chopped garlic if wanted) 
2-3 tbs tomatoe purée 
1 pack feta cheese 
Mixed herbs
2 eggs

Slimming world version - syn free on all plans (I've not portioned this as it's personal choice what's used)

Quorn mince (as much as wanted)
Tinned tomatoes
Cottage cheese (I use tesco value)
Fry light
2 eggs
Chilli (optional)

Can use mince if wanted but syn it if not a healthy extra on green days
Any veggies can be used. You could layer with super free aubergine or potatoe instead of courgettes if wanted. 
The white sauce can be made using a tub of quark and 168g of reduced fat cheddar cheese. Add 6 syns if not using the cheese as a healthy extra a choice. 

Method - 6- 8 hours on high 

Step one - spray the inside of the slow cooker with fry light to prevent sticking. Chop or slice the courgettes and place in the bottom of the slow cooker.
* I placed these in raw but they can be pre cooked if preferred* 

Step two - spray a pan with fry light and fry the veggies. Add 1 tsp of cinnamon and herbs to taste and add 1 tsp of lazy garlic. 

Step two - add the mince and fry till browned. Add the tinned tomatoes, 1 tsp cinnamon and more herbs of wanted. Any extra flavour should be added at this point too then leave to simmer while you prepare the white sauce. 

Step 3 - make the white sauce. Mix feta cheese and eggs together to make a thick liquid. 

For a slimming world white sauce, mix cottage cheese and eggs together. 

Step 4 - start to layer the moussaka. I used a tin layer of feta in between layers but that is personal  choice. 
Layer it - courgettes, mince, white sauce if wanted. Repeat till you have 3 layers. 

Step 5 - add the feta cheese white sauce to the top of the moussaka and cook on high for 6-8 hours. Depending on your slow cooker you may find it takes less time. Adjust to suit your slow cooker. 

Serve with boiled rice and some home made tomato bread 

As you can see from my picture, I just plonked it on the plate. It does not keep it's shape as well as being cooked in the oven but it was just as nice as oven cooked moussaka. I think next time I would add some sweetcorn, more courgette and some diced potatoe too just to fill it out. 

Cost to make:

Mince - £1.50 (I used half a £3 pack)
Onion- 12p
Courgettes -50p
Feta cheese - £1 tesco 
Eggs - 20p (I buy lacks of 15 for £1 in farmfoods) 
Mushrooms - 20p (brought loose)
Tinned toms - 24p a tin tesco value 
Garlic (optional)
Herbs - 20p (I think) a tub, tesco value
Cinnamon (optional) 

The whole meal was less than £4 for the 4 of us with leftovers. It is not my most cost effective meal as I generally try to keep meals under £3 for us all but there was leftovers and the meal is freezable so I could batch cook. I would be more than happy to make this again :)

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