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Saturday, 24 May 2014

*Review* Jazz up your phone with a Mr Nutcase personalised cover

Many of us consider our mobiles to be essential. We are forever clicking away taking photos or surfing the net. I am no different. I like to capture the funny moments in my children's lives, share the things I make or do and connect with friends online. Mobile phones have come a long way since I first owned one. Gone are the days of having a boring, plain phone. There is now hundreds of making your phone unique to suit your personal tastes and stand out from the crowd.  I am one of those people who enjoy having a funky phone case, I enjoy using cases to reflect my personality so the more unique the better! I love anything personalised, anything I can say no one else has an exact copy of, so when Mr Nutcase offered me the chance to review one of their personalised cases, I jumped at the chance.

I knew straight away I wanted my favourite family photos as my means of personalising it. I chose an ultra lightweight slimline case. Here is the finished design. Looking good right? Read on for some further info :)

Placing an order was simple and extremely fast. I was worried at first as I currently do not have a reliable computer and I find some websites are not mobile friendly. Even though I completed the order using a desktop PC I had no trouble at all using a mobile to play around with designs and find a style I loved. 

There is something for everyone on here. You have the option to either create your own or browse their huge collection of pre-made designs. You can choose from animals, funny, sports, you name it. I spent a good hour looking through them and testing them out on my design page.

If like me you choose to create your own your first step is to select your phone. I was massively impressed at this one point because... they actually had a case to fit my phone! Sounds silly but i have a galaxy ace 2. I find it hard to find unique cases for this phone because its obviously old :) so my phone has always remained plain and boring in the black casing it arrived it.

Your next step is to select your case. For most phone makes, you have 2 options. The standard plastic clip in case - like mine, or a flip cover case. Some phones have a third option. An important note, the flip case is only printed on one side. It comes in white and is actually really nice. If you like flip cases this is defiantly a perfect option.

After you have done the above you are ready to design your case. This was so incredibly easy, i can not praise the company enough for its ease, for a complete computer novice like myself, i quickly worked out how to place photos and resize them.

You will be directed to this screen to choose your layout. I knew i wanted 4 photos so the choice was made for me within seconds. You can make some amazing collages with their designs.

Please note i am using the mobile site when these photos were taken. They are similar on the desktop version just more spaced out. Its equally simple to use. 

You are then directed to this page to add your photos. One point to note about this is to be aware of where your camera is on the back of your phone. The case will obviously have a hole in it to fit your camera. A portion of your photo will be cut out to accommodate this. When you start to add photos, you can zoom in and out to make them smaller or bigger. You can drag the photo around in the square to line your photo up to your liking and with a visible outline of your case, it makes it easier to center each of your photos in the correct spot. 

One you are happy with your design, proceed to the payment screen. You are given the options to make changes or checkout. After i had placed my order, i received an email within the house to inform me of my order details. The next day i was informed my case had been dispatched! I was updated every second of the way and really can not fault the customer service at all.

There is also the option to like their Facebook page and receive a free screen protector! Bargain :)

Mr Nutcase do promise next day delivery and true to their word, my case arrived the next day via Royal Mail. I was quick to inspect it and was really impressed with the quality. Here is my pros and cons.

  • The case itself is solid. For a phone clutz like me who has broken more phones than possibly imaginable, i do not think i will be smashing this any time soon :) 
  • The photos are incredibly clear, considering this took just one day from print to my door, I was completely blown away but how good the photos look. 
  • All buttons on my phone and my camera are completely accessible. After using for nearly a week, i have had no issues with buttons sticking or the case being loose. 
  • I accidently placed my phone case in a puddle of tea, Kirsty kindly left of the side. I panicked expecting it to ruin the photos. It barely touched them, another sign of how goof the print is,.  
  • It is printed in a matt finish. I like a more glossy case personally and would have loved an option for this. 
I can actually only think of the one bad point. I would happily purchase from this company. They do exactly what they say they will. Your items will arrive within the time stated, the quality is good and the prices are in my opinion on par with other personalised gifts. With fathers day coming up i think these would make a fab present for my dad. Not looking for a phone case? Mr Nutcase will personalise tablet/iPad/iPod cases too so there really is something for everyone. 

Prices start from just £14.95 with free delivery. 

Why not take a look for yourself? Mr Nutcase is kindly offering all readers of my blog a 10% discount of their very own case!. Just add Thanku10 at the checkout. 

You can find out more about Mr Nutcase via any of their social networking sites. 

What would you choose on your case?


I was sent a code for a free case in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. 

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