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Thursday, 22 May 2014

May/June grocery coupons

Some time ago i wrote a post about using coupons to get money off your shopping. I haven't been actively looking for coupons during the first couple of months of the year, my reason for this is simply lack of time. Over the last couple of weeks i have got back into it and wanted to share some with you all. I often find many coupons from big coupon sites are useless to me. I do not consider 50p off a £6 pack of toilet roll a saving, nor do i buy expensive razors or beauty products. For others though every single penny counts and these sort of coupons can add up over time. Try it for a month. Put the price of the coupon into a jar each month and see what you have at the end. As you become more confident with coupons, you will use more and when you notice your little tin of money getting more full, use that to treat yourself or your family. I use mine to take the kids to the cinema once a quarter - including all the fancies :) If you do not wish to physically save the money, just write the amount on abit of paper and place that in there. When i was hard up and using coupons to buy a weeks food, i kept a sheet of paper in an old washed out jam jar, and each shopping trip, i would rip a small amount off, write the coupon amount and pop it into the jar.

*Tip* I don't waste my time printing coupons unless I'm likely to use lots of the same one. When you click to print coupon, you can request it to be sent to you instead. Coupon printer can be fiddly but if you press back instead of closing the page it usually lets you print another*

Valid coupons

Free carton of 200ml SMA toddler milk  - Valid until 30/08/14
One per person to the amount of 55p. You could print out more than 1 and use in different shops or use on different shopping trips.

50p off any PomeGreat product  - Valid until 5th June

One coupon per product - could print multiple and use at different transactions

25p off Mattersons Double Dipper - Valid until 30/06/2014

One per transaction

50p off curiously cinnamon - valid until ran out (need facebook)

One per household

50p off any upbeat dairy drink - Cant see a valid till date

£1 off any pie minister pie - Valid until 30/06/14

Needs to be used in Pieminister stalls and restaurants

£1 off a Danone product - Cant see a valid till date

Sign up and choose your coupon

£1 off selected packs of cereal - Valid until ran out (need facebook)

One per household

50p off yoomoo - (Facebook required)

75p off any Keep it Kind deodorant  - Valid until 30/06/14

Use in Boots or Tesco

50p off cookie crisp - Facebook required

One per household

50p off hairy bikers sauces - Facebook required

One per person, per household. Only redeemable against the pictured products

50p off nestle branded cereals - valid until 31/05/2014

Flip to page 23 for the coupon, One per transaction but you could save that page as a pdf and print out as much as you want.

30p off shaken udder milkshake - Valid only for 7 days after signing up

Could use multiple email addresses if you want more than one. Coupon is one per purchase

30p off Burgen bread - Valid only for 28 days of printing

One per purchase, can print multiples if wanted

25p off canderel - Valid for 14 days after printing.

Register for a loyalty card. Card also entitles you to extra coupons and offers for each product purchased.

£1 off any fruit factory product  - Facebook required

Like the page

50p off for goodness shake

2 x coupons for lotus Biscuits  - registration required

One 25p off coupon and 1 50p off coupon

50p off any dairy free dream product - sign up required

One per household.

50p off twinnings - need a printer

must sign up

50p off a bottle of schloer

Must register

50p off Blossom hill vie

One per person

£1 off a calgon water softener 

More coupons can be found here: and here.

Happy couponing all :D

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