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Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Diets... Meh

I started slimming world properly last week and up until today have felt fantastic! I've got my diet head on, I've been exercising, stuffing my face with salad and super speedy free foods! I've ate more in one week than i have done in 28 years! Weigh in day comes.

Now i don't own a set of bathroom scales, anything with in my budget only goes up to 18-20 stone - I'm ashamed to admit, I'm over that :/ I have no boots nearby and can not afford classes until I've paid for my oven and sorted Kaycee's birthday. So I'm weighing myself on my trusty wii fit.
This baby has NEVER let me down before. So i get home from taking the kids to school, kick off my shoes and instead of dragging myself to the kettle for my morning cup of tea, i turn on the TV, switch on the wii and standing their practically naked, excitedly wait for the disk to load up. Its loaded!!! I go through the blumff the virtual board gives me and step on the wii fit board, hearing the sound of my faithful virtual board screaming "measuring" at me, im preparing myself for some good news. What happens next is beyond me and left me seething all day!

My BMI jumped up by 1 and my weight jumped up by 3lbs! How the hell is that possible?

I'm not due on, I've not stuffed my face with the cakes and crisps Gareth has brought home. When they had their fried chips i was good and ate fry light fried mash because i tried to hob cook syn free chips! I've eaten more salad and fresh veg than my rabbits did when they were alive and I've eaten regually, snacking on cucumber, celery and carrot sticks.  Gutted wasn't even the word when those numbers come up :/ 

Having had a chat with Gareth about it, even he can not work out how that happened. To make matters worse, i got an even bigger slap in the face when he jumped on the wii fit to weigh himself and hes 2 stone lighter than me! Que the chocolate overdose! 

I spent all night trying to work out where i went wrong. I worked out an even better meal plan and after inputting it onto my fitness pal, decided that wasn't the way to go as i was only eating 1000 calories a day and if i stuck to my exercise plan, burn off 700 of them! Chatting with Gareth today, i realised, I'm just not active enough. I do 3 out of 10 school runs, and apart from some hoovering, i just sit there. This is partly due to the muscles in my legs being pathetic and partly due to my weight. It just hurts to walk or stand up for long periods now :/ Gareth said i must push through it, i must keep going and ill start ignoring the pain. It will get easier! As much as i hate to admit it, hes right. No matter how healthy i am eating if its just sitting there, its never going to go anywhere. 

I come to another possibility. I usually live on one meal a day, endless cups of tea and smoke 20 a day. I was wondering if i ate so much last week my body just took it all. If that is the case, with any luck next Monday i will have lost a little bit. Hopefully!

So today marks the start of a new week. I have new goals and a new meal plan. 

  • Do something active for 10 mins each day. 
  • Do half the school runs 
  • Make less heavy meals
  • Snack more throughout the day on carrot, celery, cucumber and fruit
  • Only use 5 syns a day 
  • Try find someone who can buy me the books
  • Replace 4 cups of tea with glasses of water. 
Meal plan: 

Breakfast - Didnt happen, woke up late and wasnt feeling too well
Lunch - Ham salad sandwich, A slice of melon and a yogurt (3 syns)
Dinner - Pasta in homemade tomato sauce with cheese (HeA) and leftover chicken. 
Snacks - Cucumber, celery and carrot sticks. Banana and kiwi. 1 options sachet (2 syns)

Breakfast - Porridge oats (HEB) made with water. Topped with berries
Lunch - Home prepared, seafood salad ( 1 syn) with a jacket potato (no butter) Slice of melon and a yogurt (3 syns) 
Dinner- Homemade chorizo and red onion, feta (HEA) stuffed meatballs, with homemade spicy tomato sauce and paprika potatoes. 
Snacks - Cucumber, celery and carrot sticks, apple and kiwi. 1 options sachet (2 syns)

Breakfast - 2 boiled eggs and toast (HEB) fruit salad with muller light yogurt 
Lunch - Tuna in brine, pasta, cucumber, onion and sweetcorn mixed with 2 tbs low fat mayo (2 syns) an apple
Dinner - Beef stew made with syn free dumplings and syn free gravy. 
Pudding - Homemade syn free rice pudding with 1 tbs strawberry jam (2 syns)
Snacks - Cucumber, celery and carrot sticks, Milk (HEA) 

Breakfast - Bran flakes with 3 tbs onken cherry (3 syns) and chopped banana
Lunch - Ham salad sandwich (made at home) sliced melon and grape fruit salad
Dinner - Home made hunters chicken, boiled rice and veg
Snacks - Snacks - Cucumber, celery and carrot sticks, Milk (HEA) 

Breakfast - Boiled egg and toast (HEB) fruit salad with yogurt (3 syns) 
Lunch - Cheese salad sandwich (home made) apple
Dinner - Home made fajitas with syn free chips 
Snacks - Snacks - Cucumber, celery and carrot sticks, kiwi and melon

Breakfast- syn free pancakes (HEB) topped and fruit
Lunch-  Vegetable soup, a banana and yogurt (3 syns) 
Dinner - Home made syn free lasagne with veg
Snacks - options (2 syns) any fruit that is leftover 

Breakfast - porridge oats made with water (HEB) topped with berries
Lunch - vegetable soup slice of melon and yogurt (3 syns)
Dinner - Mushy pea curry with syn free onion barjis
Snacks - snack on left over carrots and celery 

Im thinking maybe i should add abit extra in but i think this would already fill me up. Im not a big eater and am quite happy with nibbling on bits and pieces throughout the day. Ill have to see how i go :) 

Is anyone else following slimming world? Or weight watchers? How is your weeks coming along?

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