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Saturday, 10 May 2014

Busy Bee Candles - Magik Beanz Review

I first saw these while browsing on twitter. I have followed busy bee candles for some time now having discovered them when I entered a competition. Having made up the majority of my birthday and Christmas presents for some time I know how amazing their products are. When I first saw these I thought... Genius! I have a weakness for candles, actually just a weakness for smellies in general. With 2 kids and 3 cats, I'll try anything at least once if it promises to leave a room filled with a nice smell. So when I was given the opportunity to try these out I of course was massively excited! And had to share it with you all :)

Who are Busy Bee Candles? 

They are a small company ran by a husband and wife team situated in Wales. Each and every product, is handmade by them using the best ingredients they can to ensure quality products arrive at your door. Products are made using soy wax ( meaning no paraffin so no toxins entering your home) and with over 200 fragrances, your spoilt for choice and guaranteed to find one to suit your personal taste. Each product they make are priced competitively so you get the finest products without a purse breaking price tag. 

What are Magik Beanz? 

Magik Beanz are the newest arrival in Busy Bee Candles range. Like the rest of their range, these tiny little bean shaped wax melts are available in a choice of fragrances and can be used as a single fragrance or combined with others to create a unique smell especially tailored for you. Used with Busy Bee Candles own tart warmer, these melt down and fill the room with an amazing smell which lasts for ages! The recommended amount is 5 beans at a time. 

Each tub contains an average of 15 beans and priced really reasonably at just £1.75. Each pot has an average fragrance time of 20 hours. 

Finding the fragrance you want is soooo easy. If you are looking for inspiration, they have a handy tried and tested area here where you can see combinations which work well together. If your looking to choose by yourself, here's how easy they have made it, 

Firstly choose your fragrance family. You can choose from:

Spice and herb

Then, choose your fragrance strength. 


I choose 5 scents. 

Sexy as sin - floral

A strong floral fragrance. This was my favourite by far out of them all. I would be more than happy to use this on its own. It has a seductive fragrance and as the name suggests is abit of a naughty scent. Perfect for romantic nights in. 

The bakewell tart has always been a firm favourite of mine so i was drawn to this as soon as i saw it. I LOVE the smell of almonds, however this does not smell like a bakewell tart :D Its noted on the website as a medium strength fragrance. Teamed with a floral fragrance i think this would be amazing. It has a sweet almond smell which is not overpowering at all. 

This is a light floral fragrance. As expected with honeysuckle, it is a sweet fragrance. Its described as heavenly on the website which i can agree with. I would imagine because this is such a light fragrance, this would work perfectly alongside most of the fragrances on offer. 

Orchid Dreams - floral 

This is a lovely floral fragrance, there is alot of smells inside one little bean so when it melts, you get a vast range of different fragrances at once. I found this to be abit overpowering when i was nearby, just because there was so much at once. Teamed with a subtle scent i think would calm this down. Its noted on the website to be relaxing. When i walked into the room, it smelt lovely and is a very calm scent. For those that like alot going on at once, this is perfect. 

Amaretto Nog - speciality. 

Being an almond fan, this appealed to me almost instantly. There was absolutely no doubt that this would be my choice. This is by far the strongest fragrance out of all 5 tubs. It hits you the second you open it up! It smells very much like the amaretto drink and defiantly needs calming down with a much more subtle smell. The smell of just these beans stayed on my hands for well over an hour after putting them into the tart warmer. .


The smell was almost instant! These melted slowly so the fragrance was long lasting. I tried both mixing scents and melting alone. A couple it was obvious they were not supposed to go together so I've out them aside for next time to try with a different scent. They eave a little bit of residue on your fingers when picked up, which is expected, but they are not overly greasy. All in all i think i will defiantly be picking up more of these. They are perfect for trying out a fragrance before buying a bigger purchase, such as a candle. These make perfect items to put into a gift basket for presents and with the reasonable price tag, they are perfect for if you fancy a little treat for yourself.

You can find the whole Busy Bee Candle range, here.

Id love to hear if you have tried any combinations yourself. :)

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