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Thursday, 17 April 2014

Tuna, pasta, egg, mayo - the girls favourite food

I think we are quite lucky with our girls. Apart from a few little things, they are for the most part not fussy and will ram almost any food into their mouths! I've always made this. Im not sure where i saw the recipe or if i was told about it. It was just something i made when i first moved out of my parents because it was filling and would go over a couple of days. I suspect it may have come from my dad, who enjoys putting out a bowl of tuna, mayo and sweetcorn every New Years Eve or for parties. I also suspect its not a new recipe and probably tweaked by lots of people to call their own.

When i moved out at 17, i was living on £35 a week with a 7 month old baby. As it was just me and her i made lots of food which would spread over a couple of days for me but also varied them slightly so my daughter could also eat them. Kirsty was eating smaller solids very well from 7 months old so pasta and rice was something i used alot as i could flavour it with tomatoes or mix with veg. Over time this has become a meal both my girls really enjoy, they will always ask for seconds and sometimes thirds if they are very hungry! I would make a HUGE batch up and kirsty would have in her packed lunch, i would take a tub to work so it would last on average around 6 meals over 2 days for all of us at different times. 

Ingredients: Makes a large saucepan full - roughly 3-4 piled plates

  • 3 eggs
  • 500g pasta
  • 1 tin of tuna 
  • Mayo - to taste, i usually throw in about 4 tablespoons as its a very large pan. 
Cost to make if buying from scratch:
  • Pasta - 500g bag - 29p Tesco
  • Tuna - 49p Tesco (I wont be buying this tuna again it tastes awful)
  • Eggs - 15 eggs - £1 Farmfoods. (can buy 6 instead of 15)
  • Mayo - 99p shop (I would usually not use this, i tend to buy other brands) 
Its not in this particular meal as i had run out, but i would normally use optional ingredients to bulk it out:
  • 1/4 red onion - 30p Tescos (buy in packs if you use alot as its cheaper)
  • 1 cupful of frozen sweetcorn - £1 Icelands
Breaking it all down into portions used, the whole meal for the 4 of us cost maybe around £1.50.

How to cook:

Step one: If using extra ingredients, pre cook/fry/boil them. In a separate pan boil some water and start boiling the eggs until hard boiled. Then set aside. 

Step two: In a large pan boil some water and cook the pasta. While the pasta is cooking, peel the hard boiled eggs and chop into smaller pieces. 

Step 3: Once the pasta is cooked, drain as much water as possible and chuck in your chopped eggs, your mayo and any extra ingredients.

Step four: Stir is all together until everything is mixed in and serve. 

Its perfect hot or cold so is great for lunch boxes. I still make this now for dinner once a week and make a little extra to put in a tub for the girls packed lunches the next day. Any leftovers can be put into a tub in the fridge and used the next day. As its mayo I'm quite cautious about leaving it longer than the next day, but in all honestly it never lasts that long in this house! 

Cheap and cheerful, very filling and can pretty much add anything to suit your tastes. Its a very versatile dish. Some of my personal favourites are:
  • Chicken and bacon
  • Ham or gammon
  • veggie pasta - using up any veg i have and some passata. 


  1. Lovely recipe and cheap and easy to make too! I always have those food items in my home!

  2. Nice recipe, think I will try think with my girls. Thanks.

  3. I totallly agree with you. I think there are so many ingredients in the shops that can feed a family very cheaply and where families have to severely budget as I have had to in the past, there are so many options other than fast foods that works out so expensive. Pasta is a great filler as is rice and potato . I also look out for reduced price veg and cook it up and freeze it to be used when needed. Tinned tomatoes are very cheap in the larger supermarkets and are the base of a good sauce for many dishes.




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