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Wednesday, 30 April 2014

The mancave masterplan ( a guest post by the hubby)

As I sit here, floating around the internet weighing up my options between another top 10 list of something random or another funny cat video, I came across beast sheds and it got me thinking....

For me the shed is one of 2 things, it is the quintessential British blokes 'me space' or 'man cave' or it is the spare room of the garden. The place to either relax while recreating a scale model of a 1960's village, complete with working model trains or perhaps rebuild that engine you will never actually use. It could also be the place to stick all those garden tools you promised your wife you will actually use, in the same way the spare room is full of excercise equipment you found yourself buying after chanting to yourself 'this is the year' 5 years ago! Obviously a shed has many more used than that. I have seen them used for everything ranging from cat mansions to arts and crafts spaces.  Anyway it got me thinking about how i, personally, would use a shed. 

My Man Cave Masterplan

As you can see, my hobby is painting wargames models. Mostly Games Workshop but some historical models too.
Also from this picture you will notice I am relegated to a corner of the bedroom where I can't be seen or heard.

So masterplan step 1 : the shed

This is quite frankly, one of the best money can buy in my opinion. The ferrari of sheds, as it were.
I would set it up facing the sunlight as any painter will tell you natural light is much better to paint by. with it's large front windows it will let in plenty too.

Step 2 The desk

Here I would use the worktop I am currently using and set it at  a comfortable hight to sit at while still getting plenty of light hitting the desk. I would build a frame to go under it.

Step 3 Music

Someone once said, if music be the food of love, play on. It may have been shakespeare, but it may also have been Marlon brando! Now I don't need anything fancy, no surround sound or sub woofers? Just a simple digital radio for the Monday night matchtalk, saturday afternoon football and classic rock stations the rest of the time.

Step 4 Accessories!

I would have wall mounted paint racks for all of my paints within easy reach. That's the beauty of this shed, it's big enough to keep everything I need but small enough to have everything within easy reach.


Obviously I need somewhere to display all my wonderfully painted little plastic spacemen. lots and lots of cheap and cheerful shelves running the length of the back wall of the shed.

Storage boxes 

Like any good modeller I don't throw anything away. It can always be used somehow! So that means I need lots and lots of storage for all those cut offs of estate agents signs I use for basing scenery or the box of electrical bits that painted up look like futuristic industrial machinery ect.

The mini fridge

Granted, I am not a big drinker but kicking back in your own space with a cold bottle of ale is something every man should aspire to.

The end result

I spend much more time creating armies like the ones above (and still lose most games) My wife gets her corner of the bedroom back  I am reliably informed it's what's known as a win win situation.

I guess lastly, all that is left is for me to thank Beast sheds for running a competition to win the above shed and for getting me thinking about my new summer project.
If you guys (and gals) would like a craft space or man cave of your own, you can't go far wrong with them as a starting point!

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  1. Great plan lol, i would quite like a shed for a woman cave aswell!




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