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Thursday, 17 April 2014

Sexy mother pucker - lip gloss review

Anyone who knows me, knows I'm a huge fan of soap and glory products. In January I cleared out my very minimal make up bag and discovered my 11 year old had sneaked many of my lip glosses and trashed them! Needless to say I wasn't impressed! Cosmetics are a very rare treat for me, something i usually only get on my birthday or Christmas. I had a little bit of money left on a boots voucher so set out to look for a replacement lip gloss. I settled on soap and glory's sexy mother pucker in Pink Apricot.

The lip pumping lip gloss range is available in  6 colours each with a different flavour

• Clear is chocolate orange flavour
• Candy Gloss is vanilla flavour
• Pink Apricot is chocolate orange flavour
• Half Naked is buttered popcorn flavour

• Punch Bowl is chocolate cherry flavour
• Yummy Plum is chocolate/raspberry flavour

This is what soap and glory have to say about their product:

"Britain’s hottest selling lip plumping gloss, Soap & Glory’s bestselling Original Formula SEXY MOTHER PUCKER includes ingenious PLUMPING MICROSPHERES that explode in volume up 
to 10x when they come in contact with water (they’re like tiny, dehydrated little sponges that expand when they get wet) and an exclusive microcirculation-stimulating extract to visibly enhance lip volume. Amazing. Addictive."

This makes it sound like the second it's applied your lips will swell into a sexy looking pout. They do not exactly swell up. The gloss is very sticky and there is a tingly feeling when applied. Because of the thickness of the gloss your lips do look fuller and very shiny. It also stays on for a very long time, I applied this in the morning before I went out and there was still traces of it on my lips when I come home 5 hours later.

It's priced at £9 for the wand applicator lip gloss and £10 for the squeezy tube which I think compared with other branded products is quite reasonable.


The colours are gorgeous and the lip toss is very easy to apply. I hardly noticed the tingly feeling if I'm honest and did notice that my lips looked more pumped up. The product has been given some petty iffy reviews but I'm glad I purchased it. I was paticually impressed with the amount of time it stayed on. I tend to lick my lips a lot when I am wearing gloss as I'm a bit of a lip biter. Even with me constantly messing about with my lips it's that sticky that the coverage is brilliant. The smell is exactly what is says it is and the smell lasted for the whole time the gloss was on. My only gripe with this product is my lips did not feel very moisturised afterwards. They felt quite dry and tight. The tingling was more noticeable once the gloss was removed which bugged me. Overall I would happily purchase  the other colours as and when I get the money to buy more. 

You can check out this product on the boots website here


  1. This sounds great! Thanks for the review!

  2. Thanks for the very honest review. Like you make-up is my little luxury. Though I am not a fan of the sticky tingle. Always wanted to try this though but I think I may go for the fabulipstick instead.

    1. I haven't tried that yet. I'm saving up some pennies to treat myself the middle of next month. I'll have a look see :)




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