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Friday, 25 April 2014

March madness

Having kids means I'm always busy. There is always something that needs doing. The kids have homework each day, the school have things going on each month, they need entertaining and that's on top of general mummy duties and housework! March was no different.

Heres a round of up of some of my favourite moments. Its a little late but better late than never :D

Pancake day - 4th March

We had great fun this year. We always come up with something unusual and gives the kids a couple of hours of creative fun. This year we made foodie themed pancakes and the kids had a go at making coloured pancake creations.

World book day on 6th March

I dread this time of year. The girls always want some over the top expensive costume that i simply can not afford and i never have enough warning from the school to make something pretty!
This year i was given 3 weeks notice. I knew it was looming but wasn't sure on the date. We were able to send them in costumes that they wanted and both me and the girls were happy with the outcome.
Our joint effort of a homemade Cleopatra and a Pocahontas won both the girls 1st place and runner up in the schools competition :D The only shop brought items were their head pieces, the jewellery and a roman legionnaire costume for Kaycee which Gareth spent 4 hours turning into an Indian :)

Mothers day - 30th March

This is not usually made a big deal of in our house. Money is tight and as much as the kids would love to treat me, im always more than happy with my annual handmade cards and breakfast in bed. Earlier in the year i won some leisure vouchers and rather than leave them in a drawer to inevitably forget about them :/ We booked a table at TGI Fridays, taking Gareths mum with us. We had an amazing meal and i got my lovingly prepared breakfast and handmade card from the girls as well. It was a lovely change to get out of the house and do something normal with the girls for a change.

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