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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Knitted blanket update

Its been a little while since i updated about this so thought i would take a picture to show everyone my progress. I'm proud of it, its my first real knitting project and i am thoroughly enjoying every second of making it.

I'm making both the girls one. Kaycee's i plan to be full of lots of different colours and Kirsty's will be co-ordinated with the colours of her new room (teal grey and black)

I decided to make it more like a bedspread than a blanket so the project is turning out to be alot longer than i thought. I manage roughly 2 squares a night and work on it 2 times a week.

Each square is 30 stitches by 40 rows and im making the blanket 10 squares across by 15 down! 150 squares in total :0 It will be so worth it though as kaycee is getting more and more excited as the days go on :D

Heres how it looks so far! I even managed to knit the edging rather than crochet it, as i wanted a more streamlined border. I think it looks snazzy :D




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