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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Introducing us all.

I just realized its been nearly 3 months since i started this blog and i haven't even introduced us all :O

My family :D

Its just me, my partner Gareth and our girls, Kirsty 11 going on 30 and Kaycee, 7 going on 13! I'm originally from East London and Gareth's born and bred in Nottingham. We have been together for pushing 5 years now and moved to Nottingham 2 years ago to give the girls a better lifestyle. Something i haven't regretted in the slightest!

Loves - Chatting away into the early hours, candles and making things. I spend most of my time, cleaning cooking, entering competitions or knitting :D
Hates- Arrogance, liars, snobs, feet, mothers who do not watch their children and dog owners who let their dogs crap in my front garden!

Loves- Fishing, Nottingham forest, his motorbike, playing with little plastic spacemen, fishing and annoying friends with sarcasm.
Hates: Sheep, people not bothering to charge gadgets when dead and Derby County

Loves - Monster high, her mobile phone, nail polish and music
Hates: Bedtimes, having a bath, mushrooms and homework

Loves - My little pony, littlest pet shop, moshi monsters and the ipad
Hates - Mushrooms, red, meat, peppers and bedtimes!

The flufflings:

Jack - our 3 year old ball of fluff.

Smeagol - Our youngest fluffling, he has just turned 1

Sam - Our female cat. She is 4 nearly 5.

Thats all of us :D

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