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Thursday, 3 April 2014

Home made corn dogs without cornmeal

I love making foods my kids will not usually eat. Corn dogs are popular in the states and when we last went, kirsty lapped them up! They can be made in a matter of 5 mins, freezable and dirt cheap! Perfect for an after school snack. Traditionally made using a cornmeal batter which gives the corn dogs a thicker texture and a yellow colour, these are just perfect snacks! Ive never seen them over here in the big supermarkets, ill have to have another look and see if they are available. I had run out of cornmeal so had to improvise. I was nosing around a group on facebook and saw a lady post a photo of sausages in bread dough. It was a genius idea but i didnt see sausages in bread dough, i saw corn dogs! I was making some rolls for the next days lunches anyways so i used the left over to dough to make these.

Ingredients: Serves 4 with some leftover to freeze

To make the bread dough

  • Strong flour
  • Salt
  • Yeast
You can check out my post here for help making bread dough. 
  • Sausages or hot dogs ( i ran out of sausages) 
  • Skewers
  • Cheese (optional, i actually prefer cheese slices but had none) 

Step one: Make the bread dough and leave covered in a warm place to rise for around 30 mins
* If your adding flavorings they need to go into the mix before you start to form the dough*

Step 2: Push the skewer far enough up the sausage so that it is secure but does not pierce the top. I added cheese and barbecue sauce to mine. 
*Optional - Im quite fussy with meat and will pre cook it no matter what meal Im making. You can either at this step pre cook your sausages or hot dogs or just skewer them.*

Step 3: Once your dough has risen rip into bits and start rolling out thinly. Then just wrap around the skewered hot dogs/sausages

Step 4: Bake in the oven for around 10 mins on 180 (adjust accordingly - we dont have a working oven so use the grill) until the dough has crisped up and turned a golden brown. 

Cost to make: If buying from scratch
  • Strong flour - 85p Tesco
  • Yeast - box of 6- 65p Tesco
  • Salt - not sure it was already in the house
  • Hot dogs - 99p think gareth got them in the corner shop
  • Skewers - 99p £1 shop
I used all 8 hot dogs and froze 4. I used 4 skewers and broke them in half as they were large sizes. I used around 2 cup fulls of flour ( i was making rolls too though) and 1 pack of yeast. Total cost = around £1.50 ish. 

  • Yorkshire pudding batter works just as well. You can buy a packet of own brand batter mix for 15p a bag from any supermarket. Dip the dogs in to thickly coat them and they can be fried in oil or oven baked. 
  • Try adding garlic and herb to the dough mix
  • Cheese dough
  • These are fab for lunch boxes or party foods. Chop a sausage or hot dog into smaller sizes and fully wrap dough around them (dont skewer them) 
  • Another of my kids favourites are cheese dogs. Using a long thick block of cheese slide a skewer in and wrap with bread dough, The cheese melts inside making a melted cheese bite - mine go mental for them! 
  • Not tested - but bread crumbs work well too. Brush the hot dog/sausage with egg and roll in bread crumbs. Oven bake for 10 mins. 
I'm sure the list is endless. You could do the same with chicken, prawns etc. But for a cheap snack, these are genius :D 


  1. Sounds yum and quite fun to make. Loving the rolling pin...we have the same in blue!

    1. Its kaycees little one from her dora mag :D I never got round to buying a proper one lol x

  2. Wow cool - might have a go at making these as they seem simple enough thanks!

  3. Looks yummy, always wanted to know how to make these. Thanks.

  4. what a fab idea, going to have to try them now xx

  5. Great ! My son loves corn dogs but cant get them around here so thi would be a great alternative!!




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