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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Furbling review

Furby boom was one of the top Christmas toys last Xmas and still going strong now!. In personal opinion they are one of the most annoying toys barring a drum kit ever made and i can now understand why my mum locked mine in the cupboard when i was younger :D Our youngest had a habit of leaving it on the stairs so we would have to creep by it in order to not wake it up! But my youngest gets hours of enjoyment out of the furry thing. Its amazing to see her go into her own little imaginary world while she is teaching her furby English instead of furbish or popping onto the app and giving it an xray where she will then go into doctor Kaycee mode and do everything possible to make it feel better. 

A few weeks ago, while watching some random tv show, an advert popped up for a furbling. First thought... please dont let kaycee see it! Of course she did and within seconds... she wanted one! Not reading the small print at the bottom, i told her I'm not paying a further £50 for one, to which my clever little girl smugly told me:

" Mummy if you had read the small words at the bottom, furblings cost just £15 not £50!" She then proceeded to rewind the tv and pause it to prove she was right :D Kaycee 1 - Mummy 0 :)

I would usually say no, as her birthday is not far away and we prefer them to save up at least half of their pocket money if they want toys. However easter is looming and as we would usually buy them a toy instead of an egg, a furbling was the obvious choice. Asking her if she wanted a furbling or a chocolate egg, she quickly chose the furbling! For kaycee to turn down chocolate she must REALLY have wanted it! 

About the Furblings

Furblings are furby babies, an extention of the larger size Furby's. One feature of the furby boom app is you can lay and hatch eggs containing little baby furblings which when your furby boom is placed in front of, will interact with them. Much like a mother and baby relationship. 
  • Like the rest of their family, they come in their own little boxes. 
  • Requires batteries which are included. 
  • Interacts with the Furby boom
  • If you have the Furby app, you will receive exclusive furbling only gift. An egg and a couple of other things. 
  • Tilt it up or down or twist it and it will wink at you :D
  • Unlike the previous furbys, you need to press a button on its head to make it talk. 
  • Available in 6 different colour/patterns. 

Kaycee choose a totally different colour furbling from her furby. The Furby boom is so much bigger than the furbling, making the furbling look so much more adorable. 

Here's Kaycee enjoying her new toy :D


I was clearly mistaken, thinking these are a complete waste of money. They are not as interactive as the previous furby's as they require you to manually press a button making them talk. I think at between £12 and £15 they make fantastic little gifts and depending on how much pocket money your children get (assuming you give pocket money) they would not take that long to save up for. Kaycee plays with her Furby all the time, its the first thing she goes too when she comes home from school, She adores her furbling just as much and is keen to buy more.  Based on that i give the tiny little thing a 10/10 :D 

Gareth recorded a video for me just so you can see them interacting. Its not a brilliant video as our camera has broke and im relying on my phone. For some reason, as always his mobile alarm decided to go off right at the end :D 

Thanks for reading, its a quick post but hopefully I've covered the basics :D 


  1. Bought my Daughter a Furby the Xmas before last - she LOVED it......for an hour - hasn't seen the light of day since!!
    What is the difference between one of the normal Furbys and a Furby Boom??

    Becci Cleary

    1. The Furby boom is just more interactive and has alot more features. If im honest the biggest part of play with the furby boom is through the app. Without the app its just a furby! Kaycee loves it though especially when she takes it to the toilet on the app and finds a flower or something in the bottom of the loo :D

  2. Great review thanks - my two daughters each have one!




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