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Thursday, 10 April 2014

DIY body scrub

Im a big fan of body scrubs. In the cooler weather my skin drys out horribly and i can spend hundreds of my hard earned money buying things to help moisturize my skin. About 10 years ago, a lady told me that she makes her own body scrubs on a monthly basis, stores them in little pots and were so good that she hasn't used a store brought scrub for years! I recently decided now our finances have hit an all time low, i need to remove the things which are not necessary. Soap and water just wasn't cutting it and remembering what this lady told me, i decided to give it a go and let everyone know my results :)

Ingredients needed:

  • Sugar - white or brown (not splenda)
  • Honey
  • Olive oil
It can be kept in a tub for up to 30 days so i haven't put specific amounts. Do NOT store in the fridge as this will cause it to harden up. I made around 10 small lip balm size pots using 
  • 3 Tablespoons of sugar
  • 2 tablespoons of honey
  • 2 tablespoons of olive oil

Step one: Place all ingredients into a bowl

You can warm the honey up for 15 seconds in the microwave so its easier to mix in if you wish. Lower the amount of time in the microwave if using a smaller amount. 

Step 2: Mix well

It should have a lumpy texture. I didnt break the sugar up too much

Step 3: Pour into a little pot or tub to keep. Or if using apply to your skin like you would any other scrub and then wash off. I brought my tubs from 99p shop but thoroughly washed out old tubs could be used too.

To apply:

  • Remove all make up and wash your face. (if using on your face)
  • Pat your skin dry and then apply a thick amount onto your skin
  • Rub in a circular motion and leave for around 50-60 seconds
  • Rinse off
  • If needed or wanted apply moisturizer 


I was worried it would be really oily and difficult to wash off. It was in fact the opposite. It washed off easy and wasn't too harsh on my skin. I have dry patches on my arms and this did remove the dry skin and soften those patches up. I used some on my face as my nose in particular gets very dry and was impressed with the results. As well as feeling smooth, my skin also felt nice. This mixture also doubles up as a lip scrub but as with anything i would avoid the eyes. I would defiantly use this again and make this part of my weekly pampering routine :)

I have never used a body scrub as part of my daily routine as I've never thought it was needed. Its natural and suitable for all skin types although i would recommend not using it daily/nightly.

Would love to hear if you decide to try this :D


  1. Thanks - might give this a try! I have never made my own before!

    1. welcome, have to let me know how it turns out :D x

  2. My scrub has just run out...so yay I have a pot to use :) I'll let you know how I find it. I've always wanted to make my own but seen usually they have salt and a bunch of other things (Like specific smelly oils) that I would have to go out an buy. So would just buy a scrub rather than ingredients. Thanks for finding a nice recipe of things that I actually have in the house :)

    1. I will be making a bigger batch soon, i didnt put as much sugar in than i would in mine because i gave pots to kirsty for the stal at her easter fare and would be kids using it. The lady told me honey and lemon juice works just as well so going to try that too :D

    2. It works! - I tested this stuff to the max and made up a small amount and tried it on my feet. My usual scrub is £8.00 at boots. This is so much cheaper, ok it's not as luxurious and doesn't smell all girly. But it does smell nice and it actually comes off a lot easier and which makes my husband very happy in comparison to my scrub it doesn't leave little black dots of scrub all in the bottom of the shower. Also main thing my tootsies are baby soft and the sun is shining Woo :)

    3. Oh thats fab :D I did like it, i didnt mind the smell either. Im thinking of buying some jojoba oil and trying that next time around :D Im making a face mask today, will have a post up on tuesday :D

  3. I made it and it smelled lovely! My two daughters used it to and thought it smelled so good they could eat it! Thanks!

  4. ohh i will have to try this looks fab :D




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