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Monday, 28 April 2014

Border Biscuits Review

Like any person i love a little treat every now and again. Biscuits and cakes are not something i buy on a regular basis. I cant stop at just one so its better for my waistline not to have the temptation in the house :D These grabbed my attention. Simple but eye catching. To me they looked posh, the sort of thing you want on the table when the mother comes round for a visit! The look of them is similar to shortbread which i adore! and the flavours sounded interesting. Without even thinking, a pack of lemon souffle border biscuits jumped into my basket and nestled themselves comfortably next to the bread :D

Here is what Borders say about their biscuits:

Here they are in all their biscuity glory. Thirty one varieties in total, each one made to an individual recipe with extra love and care baked in.
And because Border Biscuits look as scrumptious as they taste we put them in clear packaging. That way mouths are watering before the pack has even been opened.
Our three main ranges are: Classic, Deliciously Different and Oatrageously Tasty
They are not wrong. They really do look mouth watering, the packaging defiantly does them justice. 
The Lemon Souffle cookies are part of their deliciously different range. The pack contained 6 chunky biscuits which i was desperate to sit down with a cup of tea and dunk them into! In hindsight I'm glad i didn't, these biscuits really should be enjoyed on their own. Border biscuits says their biscuits are as light and fluffy as they can make them. I was expecting a biscuit that crumbled but either it shoveled it into my mouth too quick or it didn't actually leave much mess... i believe it was the latter as i intentionally savored every yummy bite!
Each biscuit smelt strongly of lemon, it wasn't an overpowering smell but enough to tell that is is a lemon flavoured biscuit. They are light buttery biscuits contained chunks of real lemon peel and made with lemon oil which brought the citrus flavour out more. They are a good size and melted in the mouth. They are reasonably priced at £1.48 for a 175g pack which i think for a treat every now and again is a good deal. They can be found in all supermarkets. 
I was impressed and glad i tried them. I found that one was enough to satisfy that urge for a sweet treat but i could have happily eaten more. Upon opening the packaging you are greeted with a lovely smell which to me tells me they are good quality. I was very impressed by the real fruit chunks in the biscuits, there was plenty of them and not only made them better in flavour but was a welcome addition to a biscuit that melts in the mouth. All in all i would buy them again and with plenty of other flavours to try, ill be keeping my eye open for when i fancy a little treat :)

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