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Sunday, 16 March 2014

Oaty biscuits

I started my diet and am cooking up some of my favorite things from when i was on slimming world. These are free to eat on slimming world providing you use the oats as a HEB (healthy B choice) I do not know the syn value if you didnt but they are quick and easy to make and my kids love them.

I didnt have any greaseproof paper handy or any fry light so made them into little cakes to have with our lunches. I made 2 different kinds and the great thing is you could add extras too them (using syns of course) to make them abit more tasty. If not following slimming world then you can just add what you want.

I left them in slightly too long. Hence the tops being burnt. They tasted fine though :D

Ingredients :  makes about 6 small sized cakes  - if making biscuits it wont make as many.

  • 35g (about a packet of oat-so- simple) oats
  • Sweetner to taste (can use sugar but syn it) 
  • 1 egg. 

Step 1 - Mix all the ingredients in a bowl. 

Step 2 - If making cakes : spoon some mixture into cake cases. If making biscuits, spray some fry light onto a baking tray or line with grease proof paper and dollop it onto the tray in how ever many portions you want. 

I made 2 lots. I used a packet of oats for the top row and i use more chunky oats with apple and raisin for the bottom row.

Step 3 - bake in the oven for 10 mins on 180 (might be less if using a fan oven) Check them to make sure they are not soggy still and give another 5 mins if needed. 
If making biscuits turn them after 10 mins and cook for a further 10 mins on the other side. 

They taste amazing. I got one cake! The kids gobbled them in 5 mins! Im thinking of making a larger portion in a loaf tin and then slicing it up to put in packed lunches for the kids or to give them as a sort of breakfast bar. 

Ideas: Syn them as appropriate. 
  • Add honey into the mix or a drop of lemon juice. 
  • Add dried fruit
  • Use flavored porridge oats. - the berry is yummy!
  • Mix abit of chocolate spread or chocolate powder into the mix. 
List is endless. Personally as i only ate 1 of these a day it didnt come anywhere near my HEB allowance so i never syned it. But if following slimming world you can enjoy 6 of these cakes a day for free. 

Would love to hear some more flavour ideas :D 


  1. Shut up! These sound great....I'm making some tmrw!

    1. These are lush! So cheap too if you buy packs of oats :D Great way to get sultanas down the kids :D Im going to attempt a giant choc chip and raspberry oat cookie :D

  2. These look lovely and easy to make! Great for Easter too! Thanks!




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