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Sunday, 9 March 2014

Naked Volume Review

I'm fussy when it comes to what i use on my hair. Since finishing treatment my hair grew back darker in colour and alot thinner. This particular haircare range pretty much sums up how terrible my hair is :D Its designed specifically for people who have limp, fine hair and claims to plump up my hair volume and leave my hair silky smooth and soft, using natural ingredients which is always a bonus. I'm always sceptical when trying new haircare but reading some fab reviews, this was defiantly worth the try.

The packaging is simple and contains alot of essential information about the products. I love the packaging personally as im not one for lots of fancy stuff. I like products which are clear and too the point. The shampoo is thick in consistency with a slight scent and lathers really well. After the first wash, i didnt really notice any major difference but when i washed my hair 2 days later i noticed my hair felt a little bouncy. I washed it once more 2 days later and it definitely had more volume. It does say on the back if needed use a second time and it lathers up better. That was abit of a mistake for me... bubbles everywhere! I would advise doing that if you have much longer or more hair than i do tbh but it did make the volume more noticeable.
It done nothing for my split ends (which i didnt expect it to in all honesty) and my hair felt slightly drier than when i use my usual aussie brand. I would recommend teaming this with a conditioner to keep your hair feeling silky and moisturized.

I was also tried the conditioner as i had that also. I tried 3 different experiments to see what suited me best while trialling this,
  • With both the naked set shampoo and naked conditioner
  • using the naked shampoo shampoo on its own with my usual brand
  • Using my normal aussie shampoo with naked conditioner. 
Firstly the conditioner. Like the shampoo it has a slight scent to it. I can not describe the smell its almost like cinnamon but not as sickly. Its a thick consistency as you would expect conditioner to be and i found i could work it into my hair easily, feeling like the small amount i used was enough to cover all my hair. 

Using both the naked shampoo and conditioner together- after 2 uses i did notice a difference. My hair was not as limp and i felt like i did not need to do much to it to give me the volume i usually have after ages styling. My hair did feel silky and very clean.

Using just the naked shampoo with my usual aussie brand i did not really notice much difference. My usual conditioner leaves my hair soft and feeling clean but i do not usually have the bounce in my hair.

Using my normal brand of shampoo with naked conditioner. I honestly did not notice any difference.

I think using both the shampoo and conditioner together is a good idea and i would definitely purchase both again if my usual brand was not on offer. I usually colour my hair but as its currently not coloured i can not comment on how it acts with dyed hair. I would imagine its nourishing and has the same effect. Id be tempted to save myself some pennies and just buy the shampoo as my usual brand done the same job. If you have alot of hair or much longer hair you may notice you need to use more. I have shoulder length, flat, very thin hair and this worked perfectly for me.

These can be purchased from boots at £4.19 for a 250ml bottle or direct from the naked website alongside its other products for £3.98 for a 250ml bottle


  1. will have to try it out, I hardly ever stick with one brand im always experimenting x

    1. Im fussy with shampoo lol I did like this though, the conditioner was just abit of a let down.




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