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Friday, 7 March 2014

My patchwork blanket - Daisy stitch

I love the jumpers my nan has always knitted the girls. Yes they look abit unfashionable but they are warm and well my nan made them so i think they are amazing! :D My nan showed me when i was Kaycee's age how to knit and i started making little scarfs for my boglins. When i hit my teens it just wasn't cool to be knitting and stopped! When i met Gareth his mum started making the girls jumpers too and i decided to get the knitting needles out again and start up. His mum showed refreshed my memory and i went from there. Not to make jumpers because i have a constant supply of them :D but because i wanted to make the girls some throws for their beds. I have a Blanket that my nan made me when i was 5 or 6 that i absolutely treasure. She is still amazed i have kept it and still to this day and the grand age of 28, sleep with it every night... Yes Gareth has to tuck me in :D Kaycee is still at the age where the things mummy makes are exciting, kirsty being the too cool to walk around with the tat mummy makes age don't care :D So i wanted to make them before that excitement wore off!

Because i'm proud of what i did as tbh im not an expert knitter, apart from the basics, i'm doing the more fancy patterns watching videos on the net and making a zillion mistakes along the way till i get something i like!. So Im going to show everyone when i finish my squares and hopefully by kaycees birthday in july, ill have a blanket finished :D

I chose this particular pattern because it looked well complicated, but its pretty and i wanted something a bit more challenging.

Daisy stitch - Creates really pretty flower type patterns. My nan told me its also called the star stitch. This stitch works on multiples of 4 + 1 (although i'm sure there is many variations to it - i just followed my nans instructions :D)

  • Rows 1 and 3 - Right side (RS) Knit stitch - Knit loosely to make the next rows easier.
  • Row 2 - Knit 1 (K1)  , Purl 3 together (p3tog) but don't drop off needle, Yarn over (YO) then purl those 3 again and drop the stitch. Repeat till end.
  • Row 4 - Knit 1, Purl 1 (P1), Knit 1 , Purl 3 together and same as before, don't drop, yarn over and purl again then drop, Knit 1 and repeat. End row on Purl 1, Knit 1. 
  • Repeat till desired size. 
I dont have any pictures of the process but ill be making another in a different colour as kaycee spilt water on this one! so will take some pictures to show the steps. 


  1. Well done :) Ive always wanted to knit but never got the tension right so I got triangles not squares!!

    1. You'll love this one then as its quite a loose stitch to start with, you kinda gradually tighten it up as the pattern appears. Some of the ones i first done are terrible, couldn't even call them triangles lol

  2. Loving the flower design :) My mum crocheted me a gorgeous pink blanket in with my Christmas pressies and I love it so much. She also done my sister a massive patchwork blanket which is beautiful but it took her absolutely ages doing it and she said she would never do another one of those again lol. My sister has it with her at uni its her comfort from home :) Ill try and get her to take a piccie to show you it. Mum is going to be making my 2 kids one soon which I think will be great and will also be a great keepsake and comfort for them from their nan too :) xx

    1. Aww, i think thats why i love mine, my nanny made it //:D I really want to pick crocheting up again, its so easy but this blanket will take me ages lol x

  3. Well done! I am going to make one too!




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