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Sunday, 16 March 2014

Home made quiche.

I love quiche especially homemade but i cant stand the pastry part of it. Im not a fan of pastry in any form but with quiche to me its blugh!

This quiche is completely adaptable to your tastes, easy to make and surprisingly my kids LOVE it!

Ingredients : To make a ham and onion quiche.
*Depending on the dish, how you serve it etc, this made enough for 4 people with a huge salad along side it. Id happily much the whole lot to myself though :D*

  • Tub of low fat cottage cheese - i prefer to use the flavored ones
  • 1 egg
  • Diced onion (i buy frozen) - to taste
  • Chunks of ham - to taste
  • Grated cheddar cheese - to taste
Cost to feed 4 people: around £2 to feed all 4 of us for the one meal. Below is my shopping list if buying from scratch.
  • Tesco value 300g tub - 65p
  • Egg - Tesco pack of 15 - £1.50/10p an egg
  • Onion - Icelands frozen £1 a bag, used about 2 tablespoons
  • Ham - Leftovers from a chunk of meat we had the night before. Use any leftover meat.
  • Cheddar cheese - £1 block, used hardly any. (maybe about 10p worth)
  • Lettuce - Tesco own - 50p used about half a lettuce- 25p
  • Cucumber - Tesco 50p- used maybe a quarter - 12p ?
  • Tomatoes x 4 - pack of 5 salad toms tesco - 69p/12p a tomato
  • Coleslaw - Tesco value 250g - 25p

Easy peasy 1 step: put all ingredients into a bowl and mix together. If using fresh onion give it a fry first. 

Then pop into an ovenproof dish and cook on 180 for about 10 mins (adjust the temperature according to your oven) Add some cheese on top. It will look a little watery on the bottom which is normal. Once set its all done. Serve with a salad, and anything else you fancy. 

You can pretty much add any veggies/meats to your quiche. A favorite in my house is sweetcorn and chicken. Ill add peppers and mushrooms if its just me and hubby eating but my kids will happily munch this with a large plate of salad. 

If you really must have a base you can knock up a pastry easy enough or try layering the bottom with some corned beef and then adding the mixture on top for something different :)




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