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Thursday, 13 February 2014

Make your own scarf from a T- shirt

How to make a scarf out of an old Tshirt - no sewing required

 Kindly modelled by my eldest

I found a tutorial on a website some time ago and bookmarked this to try. I left it for so long i have lost the original tutorial but this is a version of a looped scarf.

Things you will need:

  • A T- shirt
  • Scissors
Time taken to make:
  • 20-30 mins


I used to work for Sainsburys. I never got round to taking my uniform back and they never asked for it. It is a very stretchy top so figured this would work well. I have stretched it as much as i could to make this.

Step One: 

Take an old T-shirt and cut into strips. Starting from the bottom to the top. You can make the strips as thin or as chunky as you want. Mine were quite chunky and i managed around 12 strips. More strips will make a fuller scarf.
*Tip - if its easier, cut off the sleeves and in this case the V neck first*
For a smaller scarf, cut across the body of the t-shirt instead of lengthways.
Do not use the seams, they make really chunky braids and strips and will stand out a mile

I wanted quite rough edges so i did not stress to much about how i was cutting. If you would prefer it to be neater then just cut in straight lines. A rotary cutter comes in handy here.

Step 2:

They should all be give or take the same length. Bunch them all together and tie them together in a knot.
You can at this point braid some pieces to add various patterns or leave them as they are.

To braid them, simply take 2 peices, tie a knot in the top and plait them like you would when braiding hair. Tie a knot in the bottom to secure. My girls love this part.

Step 3: 

Once all bunched together and secured with a knot, simply swing the loose side around into a circle and secure to the knotted piece using another knot.
*Tip - You could just form a circle and make the one knot. I personally found that more difficult as bits kept getting loose. You can also individually bunch them up in sets of 3 or 4 then loop them all together at the end with a thinner fabric strip - this will create abit of a large knot though.*

And that's its. Simple to make, ideal for giving your t shirts a new lease of life and perfect for kids to get involved in as there is not one needle in sight. Mix and match colours if you have several t-shirts to be rid of.
This scarf will not keep your neck warm when its snowing but is great for colder summer days or nights.
There is many variations of this so feel free to chop and change things to find a method that suits you.

If you give it a go please let me know how you get on. Id love to see some pictures. Feel free to post your creations to my facebook page here.


  1. I love this idea! Recycle recycle recycle!

    1. They are so easy to make. Took me a while because i put more knots in than needed :D

  2. wow what a great idea, my daughter is studying at Uni and bringing up a child so anything to save a few bob will help thanks x

    1. aww ty, hopefully ill put a few more up soon :D

  3. Oh, this is fab, going to try this with my 2 when they are off next week. Thanks Michelle, xxxxx Michelle c mclaughlin. xxxx

    1. your welcome its a great way to do something with grown out clothes :D




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