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Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Sloppy Joes with homemade cheesy hash browns

Its the start of my shopping week!

I do all my planning on a sunday, shop on a monday and my weekly meal plan starts from tuesday onwards.

I decided to treat the kids (and gareth) to something different tonight. I have 3 fussy eaters in my house. The one thing i can get down them is spag bol! Everyone loves pasta in otur house and apart from the littlest being fussy about beef mince, it usually results in empty plates.

Over the water, Americans love this stuff and to be honest i see why. Its quick, cheap and freezable! Its basically a spag bol mix but its so versatile and can easily be changed into something else.

You can cook in a slow cooker - handy if your bath cooking or on a hob, so even the most novice cook can make it. You can pretty much throw anything in it to suit your tastes, and with abit extra you have more than 1 meal.

I wasnt 100% sure how this would turn out so i didnt take too many pictures. It went down a treat so i will make again and add more pictures into this post.

To make the Sloppy Joes Serves 4-6 (will make more depending on how much you add to rolls)

900g pack of beef mince - (£2 icelands)
1 onion diced - (15p)
1 cupful sweetcorn (i used frozen sweetcorn - (£1 from icelands)
1 tin chopped tomatoes/carton of passata - (morrisons own brand- 25pish?)
Garlic - (15p)
salt and pepper to season
rolls - (50p for 6 - 12 for £1 in icelands)
Worcestershire sauce - optional
I didnt have these to hand but i would have added
1 green pepper  - (30p)
tomato puree - (45p tesco own brand)

Cheesy hash browns - Makes 10 hash browns

8 spuds medium ish size
1 medium egg
cheese to suit taste
These are always in my house so not sure on prices.

Method for the hob

Sloppy Joes

  • Fry the onions in a little oil until they are starting to brown
  • Add sweetcorn, pepper, garlic and fry on a low heat until cooked (you can boil the sweetcorn or use tinned if preferred)
  • Put to one side and in a seperate pan (or the same one) start browning the mince. When done, drain the fat and add to the veggies. 
  • Add passatta and simmer. If you have worstershire sauce you can add it 
  • Add tomato puree to thicken up sauce. 
Method for the slow cooker
  • Just chuck it all in and slow cook for 4-5 hours (keep checking and personal choice if you want to pre fry the onion and brown the mince)

Cheesy hash browns (more like fritters in my opinion)
  • Wash and peel your potatoes. 
  • Grate potatoes 
  • In a clean tea towel, squeeze as much liquid as you can from the spuds. *word of caution, do not use fluffy material- muslin etc works well too) then transfer into a large mixing bowl. 
  • Add your seasoning
  • Grate your cheese
  • Add an egg. 
  • Get your hands dirty and really mix it all together. 
  • Heat up oil in a large, deep pan and put a large spoonful into the heated oil
  • Flatten so it resembles patties of about 1cm thick. 
  • Fry until they start to turn brown, then flip over and repeat. 

    Excuse the steam, ill grab a better picture - Gareth just quickly took it!

Thats pretty much it! Took all of about 30 mins including prep time to cook. Could be served with home made coleslaw if wanted but i didnt have the stuff to make it.

I brought 2 packs of mince so the whole thing will go over 4 meals costing me a a grand total of around £5.50! to feed 4 people. Both the sloppy joes and the hash browns are freezable, perfect for batch cookers.

Ideas for leftover sloppy joe mix
  • Tacos - add some chilli flakes
  • chilli con carne - add some rice, kidney beans and spices - make over a jacket potato to make it go further
  • Burritos - add some spices, cheese and wrap in a tortilla 
  • Lasagne
  • Spag bol
  • you could even use as a pizza topping! the list goes on.

If you give it a go feel free to let me know how it tastes or if you try making something different with it :D

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