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Monday, 27 January 2014

Pinterest guide

Pinterest is fast gaining popularity. Its like an online notebook or scrapbook. You can create boards for almost any purpose and keep all your favourite things or ideas in one handy online place. Companies have clocked onto this and its brought in a whole new world for compers. The competitions are mostly lower entry, some involve abit of thinking and some creativity and are generally more fun! Boards and pins are easily shared via other social networking sites and between friends making this a fantastic place to advertise businesses/products.

From a comping perspective, it looks confusing. Ive broken this guide into small sections and hope ive covered all the basics. Please note i am by no means an expert. Im confident on pinterest but a more savvy pinterest user may be able to offer more pointers.

Before you go any further, some important tips when using pinterest:

  • Always go to the original source to pin a photo, that includes google. 
  • Don't pin hundreds of things onto a board when doing the effort comps (will explain further down) The most recent pins will be shown at the very beginning making them the most important.
  • Following other compers is a fab way to find pinterest comps, but don't pin from their comp board onto yours - the promoter will not see it. 
  • Use large colourful photos. They look much better and stand out!
  • Entering as late as possible ensures your effort type boards remain unique and that other pinners do not repin your entries. 
  • Make a note of when the comp ends. There is no messaging feature on pinterest so check back and see who the winner is. 
  • You can leave a comment on the competition pin (or any pin) if you wish. Leave a friendly comment saying you have entered, copy and paste the URL of your pin or board if you wish. Its not a sure way of winning but some companies want you to comment as part of the entry. It don't hurt to say thank you and let them know you have fun though a?
  • Its worth making a competition board. Many pinterest comps are single photos you need to pin. Use this board for them pins. You can name it what you want, many compers use pin it to win it or something along those lines. 
  • Its a good idea to link one of your social networking sites to pinterest. If a company wants to get hold of you it will make it easier to find you. 

The Pinterest Jargon. 

Boards - A pinterest board is a collection of pins. It is similar to a photo album on facebook and will mostly be a collection of similar pins. For example a recipe board will contain recipes.
Pins -  A pin is well... a photo! Its pinned onto boards.
Repin - Repinning is exactly what it says it is. If you come across a pin you like, you can repin it (move it) over to one of your boards.
Like - The little heart you will see when you open a pinned photo is the like button. Its used to just say you like the pin or sometimes as a voting tool
Follow - Similar to a like on facebook or twitter. This is so a company or persons pins will show up in your home feed.
Mentions - Similar to being tagged on twitter or facebook. A mention is pinterest term for being ... well mentioned :D

The Ins and outs of your profile page

Using mine as an example

  1. The little square directs you to your home feed (similar to facebooks newsfeed) Which is where you will see pins of those you are following. The search bar is just a search bar. Search for friends etc. 
  2. This is essentially your about me section. Tell the world abit about yourself. Doint this gives the assumption you are real. Add a photo too. If you have linked any of your other social network sites the icons will show up here. My twitter is attached so my twitter shows up. 
  3. The plus sign is pretty self explanatory. It brings up a little menu for you to quickly create boards, add pins etc. 
  4. If you click the box with your name in it, a drop down box appears for you to access your profile page, settings etc. The little box next to this is your notifications. 
  5. Another one which is pretty self explanatory. These are clickable and will show you your pins, your likes, your followers or those following you. 
  6. Another way to create a board.

Pinterest Basics

Sign up
  • Click to join pinterest. You can register using facebook, twitter or your email address. 
  • Choose a username and password you will remember. For ease, i use the same username on all social networking sites
  • Click create an account. You are now a member of pinterest! :D

Changing your settings

As a comper you want to be notified as soon as possible when you are mentioned. There is a hany notification tool in the top right hand corner next to your name but it is handy having an email notification too. Most of the settings are personal choice, but here is an example of mine. 

Creating a board. 

You can add a huge amount of pins to a board. The only downside is you are unable to change the order of pins. The only customizable option is that you can change the board photo, and edit the settings of a board. Pressing edit settings gives you the option to make secret boards public, change the title, description or delete the board. There is 3 ways to make a pinterest board. I personally prefer to make it befpre i begin pinning, but it is personal choice. 
  • Click the add create board on your profile page. 
  • Click the plus sign and in the drop down box, click create board. 
Both will bring this up :

When you repin a pin, you also get the option to make a board. This box will come up when you repin a pin. 

Public and secret boards

You have the option on pinterest to keep a board secret. You can do this by creating a board using any of the above methods and before clicking create there will be an option that says secret. If you click to say yes it turns red. Secret boards are at the bottom of your profile page. You can also directly make a secret board by clicking create a secret board at the bottom. I have made 3 to give you an example.

Secret boards are used to keep your board well... a secret! Some comps involve creating a board with various pins. These are usually judged and require effort and time to create and are generally well thought out entries. One of pinterests most annoying features is another user could essentially steal your ideas and repin your entire entry!. When you have spent so much time thinking about a good board, this is disheartening. By making a secret board you can keep your entry unique and keep it away from others for as long as possible

Some things to note about secret boards
  • You can make a secret board public at any time. Most compers will make this public near the time the comp finishes to maximise the amount of time they can hide their board.
  • You can NOT make a public board secret.
Types of competitions on pinterest

Pin it to win it
These competitions are the most simple and involve just repinning the competition photo. Some may ask you to create a specific board but generally they just want you to repin to any of your boards. It can be either a specific image commonly called the competition pin, or it maye as you to repin a product or prize.

To enter i simply had to
  • Simply follow airwickuk
  • Pin this image onto any of my boards

Creating a specific board - effort comps and usually judged. 

These boards generally require some effort. The promoter is looking for something in particular and will outline strict details on how to enter the comp. These are the boards most compers will be more likely to keep secret while they work on making it look great!

To enter i simply had to:

  • Create a new board and name is Simply be prints
  • Repin this image (the competition pin) onto my newly created board
  • Include at least one Anna Scholz print and get creative with finding my own prints from around the net. 
  • Post a link to my board by commenting on the original pin (going back to the companys page and finding the original picture)
  • Sit back and wait to see if i won - in this case i didnt : D

Most likes or repins

These are in pintrests terms, a voting competition. I can honestly say i do not see many of them but they involve asking family and friends to repin or click the little heart on your pin to vote.

There is probably more ways but these are the ones i have come across the most.

Start pinning!

There is a few ways you can pin to your boards.
  • Repin from a companys page.
  • Pin from a webpage. If you click the little plus sign next to your name, in the dropbox it will say pin from a website. Just copy and paste the URL of the photo you want to pin and select your board
  • Upload from your computer
  • Repin from a person – NOT advised
Whats the difference?
  • Uploading from your computer- the pin is one of your personal pictures or something you have saved to your computer. Once pinned it will say uploaded by user underneath. When clicked on it will not direct them anywhere. 

  • Pin from a webpage -

  • Repin from company page/person – Again I do not advise repining pins from other people but for companies it is ok 
Comping on pinterest

I think I have explained the basics. Its probably still confusing so have done a few videos to show you how to do different things.

How to create a board:

Repinning from another pinterest board:

Entering a pin it to win it competition

There is a few ways you can find pinterest competitions. 
  • Using the search bar on pinterest - try searching pin it to win it
  • Searching on twitter - try searching pinterest competitions
  • Searching google - try searching pinterest competitions. Using the advanced options you can change to UK or search within a particular time frame. 
  • Search MSE. If you do not know how to search MSE, feel free to have a look at my MSE comping guide here
Hopefully this is not to confusing and helps some of you. Feel free to follow me on pinterest. I do not go on there as often as i should but im hoping things will change on that front. I do plan on posting lots of recipes and crafty bits on various boards, so if you only want to follow my competition board thats fine. I will gladly follow you back :)

My pinterest profile is here
My competition board is here 

I welcome all comments good or bad! Feel free to pop a comment in the boxes below.

Thank you and happy comping :) 

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