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Saturday, 18 January 2014

New years resolutions

Im not one for resolutions at the new year. I start with good intentions and then flop a couple of days later. It leaves me feeling like a failure and angry with myself. I decided in December i was not going to start something on the 1st of January. I was going to start mid January when the kids were settled back at school and i was back to my old routine.

My goals this year:

Lose weight! 
Pretty much everyone's goal i think but for me its important. I'm 9 and 1/2 stone overweight and im starting to feel it. I'm shifting at least one spare tyre by July if it kills me!

Go out more
Sounds like i just want a more active social life :D Its not that unfortunately. I have been pretty much a homebody since last July. Gareth does the school runs, the shopping etc. I just don't go out. I love my house, i like being indoors where no-one can bother me, but its unhealthy and unfair for Gareth to do the lot.

Manage our finances
We have been in debt too long! Its changing this year. I'm sure i wont be a millionaire even though i chant the famous Del Trotter quote alot but its happening!

Oh and i plan on winning a laptop :D

So ive taken the plunge and restarted Myfitness pal. Ive been doing this on and off for years now. Im redoing it again and this time im sticking with it :)

If anyone fancies stalking me on Myfitness pal. my profiles is here.

Ive always been a big fan of survey sites. Not the boring mind numbing answer this question and that question till it decides 20 minutes later you are not suitable surveys! I enjoy the paid to click adverts, or with some of the newer ones, download apps and rate them, listen to music etc. Ive make a little bit each year doing these and they help alot towards Christmas. My aim this year is to take them more seriously. Id like to earn £400 by November. this year. I plan to go abit easier on comping and concentrate my efforts abit on particular competitions.

Ive also signed up with Stepchange. A free organisation set up to help people manage their debts. They work through your incomings and outgoings and arrange a suitable payment for you to pay towards to your debts. Not only is it free but they remove the stress of creditors contacting you constantly, will try freeze interest and generally take the world off your shoulders. You make a payment to them each month and they pay your creditors. This will be my second time with joining them. I originally used their service 4 years ago but stupidly thought i could manage alone. This got us in more trouble financially so im not going back with my tail between my legs! I can honestly say in all the years ive dealt with them, their customer service is outstanding! Phone operators are sympathetic, will listen and will accommodate your needs. Well worth the pat on the back.

The rest well we will just see how it goes. Getting back into the habit of walking out the door will not happen overnight, so for at least one day a week i plan to go out, be it to get the kids from school or go to the shops. If i dont manage it, i wont beat myself up, ill just make more of an effort to do it the following week. Im sure Gareth will nag me along the way to keep me trying :)

Did you make any resolutions? Id love to hear about them.

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