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Wednesday, 29 January 2014

January wins

Last week a group member asked me to blog about my wins so far. I doubt highly I will win anything else before the months up as i haven't been entering much.

I'm usually really unlucky. Some books and some random bits under £5 is about the best i do. I started comping more to try win Xmas presents and i let my housework slide. I enjoy comping as a hobby but its been taking over my real life. I've put more effort into entering for things the family can use or that we need rather than everything and the effort paid off.

So here's my January round up:

1st January - A 2gb memory stick from Viewsbank

(I dont have the exact one as its not arrived yet)

2nds January - A throw and cushion set from barkerandstonehouse.co.uk

Not arrived yet so using stock picture. Set includes 2 cushions and a matching throw! Its gorgeous and worth a whopping £180! Better keep the kids choccy fingers away from it! 

8th January - Kirsty had a little win turn up. (ive put some away for her birthday :D)

10th January - Mary Poppins DVD and book set from @Harpercollins

Mega excited about this one as i LOVE the film! Kirstys currently enjoying the book. 

11th January - Lip balm trio from joannavictoria

You need to go read this blog, she does some fab beauty reviews. This little trio will make a fab xmas present 

13th January - A dress and afternoon tea in the Rubens Hotel from ELVi

This was an advent competition. ELVi does some gorgeous dresses for the curvier ladies so this was by far the best thing i have won. As luck would have it i couldn't find the fare money to get to London, so i gifted the voucher to a lovely friend who i know is going to appreciate it and make good use of it. It even arrived in a gorgeous box. 

27th January - A flower laptop decal from lilliesandlove

Cant wait to receive this, always a computer that needs jazzing up abit :D

Laptop not included

I also received these in the post but they were December wins. 

Gel nail set- whopping £250+ here, really really nice stuff

Choc sauce! Not just any choc sauce. Its gorgeous! 

Plus a couple of extra small things. 

A book and a fiver on 888casino 

So thats me for the month, If i win anything in the next 2 days ill update but otherwise ill give a round up at the end of Feb :)

Has anyone else had anything nice brought to them by the postie?


  1. I've had some nice make up bits turn up in the post, currently waiting on a blog win of nail polish, soaps and shower gels :D

  2. Kilner jar set, and some grow your own kits :) ohh and a shower gel lol. Well done, some nice wins in there! X

    1. Ive been trying for the purple shower gel :D Well done on your wins :) x

  3. wow what a great post, loved ready this, still no wins for me yet. Im sat here admiring the pretty dress and box. well done x

    1. The dress is gorgeous! Bit tight fitting but nothing some fat sucking underwear wont cure :D

  4. Comedy ears. Does that count? Although they're sending something else as they felt bad :D

    1. lol im actually jealous of the ears! Gareth got 4 moose hats in the post the other day lol




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