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Monday, 20 January 2014


Have you seen that program Extreme Couponers? Maybe you have just heard of it. Seriously... watch it, its fantastic! Its played a big part in the rise of people in the UK who use coupons to get money off their shopping bills. Ok maybe the UK hasn’t caught up yet, we don’t have a ridiculous amount of coupons we can get our hands on but they are out there and for some people they are as important as a shopping list.

Maybe you have looked around yourself, after seeing a success story, but don’t know where to start? Or you just want to save abit of money? This is where coupons come in handy. When you first start it is confusing. There’s many websites and now facebook pages devoted to posting coupons for you to print off. Half the time though the coupons are useless unless you are after that particular item. Did you know though that you can also get coupons sent to you direct from companies, just by firing off a few emails?
I’ve spoke to people who said its embarrassing and feels like begging. Honestly, why care? Your behind a computer/phone/tablet, they will not call you or knock on your door. You wont ever have to see them or for the most part speak to them, unless you fancy giving them a feedback email or a thank you. All companies out there are aware how hard it is for some, but they are still a business and most will be willing to help if they think they are poaching a rival companies customer or about to gain a new one. Ill give you an example.

I emailed Purina to ask if they knew of any coupons in magazines or websites offering samples of their products. We had 4 cats at the time, my oldest was ill with bowel cancer and we were feeding them dog meat! (we were on very hard times) I explained the situation and 2 days later I received a reply. They stated that as I was a valued customer they would send my cats, as a one off goodwill gesture some samples and some money off coupons. I expected a couple of sample bags and some 50p off Purina one vouchers but instead they very kindly sent me £7 worth of coupons and pretty much a sample bag of everything the Purina brand made. As it turned out Purina also make Go Kat and Felix which are half the price of Purina One. I managed to get the cats 2 months worth of food for practically nothing (I ended up paying about £1.20 on top) It helped massively until out finances loosened abit.

There is lots of ways you can ask for coupons but here are my tips:

  1. Check the companies facebook page and website. If they are offering coupons, you may well find them there.
  2. Compliments or complaints are generally the best way to get a response. Bare in mind not all companies want to help so be prepared for lots of knock backs or not being answered. If you are emailing to compliment them, they may well just reply and say thank you.
  3. Don’t fire off a long, give me sympathy email. Just go straight to the point. Whist tugging on heart stings work with some companies it wont work with all. Its wasting your time as well as theirs.
  4. Don’t say you can post me some coupons to this address/email address. It looks like you are only contacting the company to get free stuff and have no intention of ever paying for their products. What I do is after ending my email I attach my details at the bottom and make it a different colour, similar to a professional looking letter. It looks like it is just a signature but of course they will have your postal details. Again it does not always work but I have had a lot more response than if I typed, if you are willing to help my details are...
  5. Don’t get greedy and keep going back. You will flag up on their system and they will stop responding. I see a lot of people who think ooh freebie, I must get 100 of them even though they don’t need it.
  6. Do send a thank you after you have received your coupons. Maybe even compliment them and say you have tried the product and that it was so nice you have switched brands. Abit of politeness does not hurt does it?
I use this when I fire off emails for coupons Feel free to tweak it to how you would prefer to word it if you would like to use it. I usually change the wording depending on what I am asking for. This one was sent to McCains (I wanted to try the jacket potatoes)

To whom it may concern,

On a recent shopping trip In <insert shop> I spotted <insert product> which I believe is one of your products. I normally make my own (or you can say I normally purchase <insert brand>) but I was very impressed with the nutritional values of this product. (or you can put packaging etc) as I was originally worried that being pre made, they would not be as healthy as making from scratch. I was disappointed to find I had missed out on a recent offer and I was wondering if knew of anywhere offering money off coupons for this product?
I often make jacket potatoes for lunch when I am at work and these appeal greatly to me. But as I am on a fixed budget they currently work out much more expensive than what I usually buy.

Thank you for taking the time to read this email.

Kind regards


Mrs Michelle Bennett
Phone number

Hopefully this helps someone. I really do enjoy finding coupons and using them. Seeing the money I’ve saved is nicer :D

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