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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Coupons Part 2

I posted before with some tips on asking for coupons. It was quite a long post so i figured id make a part 2. You can read part 1 here.

Couponing can be quite confusing at first. Different stores have different policies and over time you may have noticed several types of coupons floating around.

Types of coupons: 

Printable coupons - These are coupons you print out yourself. The typically allow you to print one or two per computer. If you have several computers you can of course print more. These do not use as much ink as people think so well worth looking into to boost your coupon collection. 

Manufacturers coupons - These are generally coupons that are given out direct from companies. If you read part 1 of this post, i mentioned emailing companies and complimenting them for a chance of receiving some coupons. 

Store coupons - These are coupons directly given from stores. You can find them in stores free magazines and include things like clubcard vouchers, nectar coupons and the catalina coupons some stores print out with your receipt after you have paid for you shopping. A good example of these are Tesco's £5 off a £40 shop. Its worth looking in newspapers from time to time too for money off coupons.

PDF coupons - These are coupons which commonly come from online magazines. You can save the pdf file onto your computer and provided the terms of the coupon allow it, you can print out as many as you wish. Stores are cracking down on this as it was being abused but they are still out there.

Coupon Jargon

One per transaction - These are exactly what they say they are. You can use one only for the whole transaction so long as you are purchasing that item. If you have 10 coupons for the same item and they are one per transaction, you will need to do 10 separate transactions with that item to use those coupons. Self scan may be the best bit here but some self scan machines are fiddly and require an assistant to authorise if over a certain amount.

One per person - Is rather obvious, i wont go into too much detail about this one :D

One per purchase - It means just that, you may use one coupon per item. If you have 10 coupons for pop, you could buy 10 bottles of pop and use all 10 coupons.

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