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Friday, 17 January 2014

And we are live!

Hi all

After much thought and abit of a prompt from a fellow blogger i decided i should start this back up again.

We are all feeling the pinch given the current situation and this soon after *whispers* Christmas, what better time is there to pass over some of my wonderful ideas to others!

Ok so abit about me....

Im a penny pinching mum! Ive been frugal for as long as i can remember. I enjoy a splurge like the rest of us but typically i wont spend unless i have to. Some say its called being tight others say its called being a genius :D I honestly believe its the latter!
I wasn't always like this. I started my family very young and have worked my butt off in boring jobs since i was 17. I didnt have a typical teenage lifestyle, i was happy to be at home or if i did go out, i was booting a ball around the field with the lads, up a tree or just getting up to mischief :) Being so young with a child i was forced to make what money i had stretch as far as i could get it to go. I spent hours on the internet finding ways to save money and over the years have stuck with it. We live far from comfortably, we are crippled by debt thanks to mistakes in the past and of course are now paying the price, but we manage which is what's most important.

I live up north now with my partner Gareth and our girls, Kirsty and Kaycee. Im a full time comper while i stay at home and Gareths joined me in the comping world. It keeps us busy and we have made some fantastic friends whilst doing so. Ill be sharing some of our successes and some of our lows.

So thats about all there is about me :) Im excited about starting this up again and hopefully overtime, ill fill it with reviews, money saving tips and i suppose ill moan abit in between :)




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