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Sunday, 17 July 2016

#MySundayPhoto: Revenge is sweet!

By On 08:00
Me and hubby have a weird relationship. We are both immature (him more that me of course)

After a recent prank played on me by my hubby i decided to get him back!

He decided to fall asleep on the sofa and despite me having a go at him for snoring like a walrus in heat! He wouldn't listen!

I call him shithead often enough and now with this photo i can prove to him that the name does in fact have some truth :D 


Sunday, 10 July 2016

#MySundayPhoto - Trip to the cinema

By On 02:24
We decided this week to take the kids to the family films at the cinema. We love the weekend showings. At £2.50 per person (including adults) we can afford to take the kids to see a film. Its not the latest ones and they only have a small selection but it at least means the kids get the experience of going to the pictures. 

Here is the kids waiting to go in to see this weeks films :)


Thursday, 7 July 2016

Bargain buys for June - Charity shop tales

By On 14:10
I love a bargain (dont we all)! Since moving to this new house i have become aware at the lack of furniture. My house looks plain boring and unlived in. Also with the lack of storage, a teen and a pre teen and a puppy that's going through a chewing phase, the house looks like a bomb has hit it most days!

We have found an amazing hidden gem in Mansfield. A local charity shop called Phoenix which sells items at really low prices!

Here is a few things we have picked up recently which i think are fantastic!
(Excuse the mess, we are still finding homes for all the crap)

Sunday, 3 July 2016

#MySundayPhoto - Just a stroll in the woods

By On 02:19
We have had some lovely weather this week. Summer has officially hit us! We have been in the new house nearly a year and despite having a gorgeous woods behind our house, we have never been down there for a walk! This week we decided that we would grab some drinks and some munchies and do some exploring. 

The dog was well in his element and the kids had lots of fun. We found a few walking trails which we may explore at a later date. The kids were complaining about being tired so we left half way through :)


Monday, 27 June 2016

Make It Monday: DIY Spa Treatments

By On 12:42
We all like a pamper every now and again. As nice as it is though it is a treat that my budget will not stretch to on a regular basis. 

I was looking online as i had forgotten the amount of sugar i needed for a sugar face scrub and come across this infographic from Pretty Crafty Things. I am tempted to try the anti redness mix as i have noticed my cheeks are getting redder than i would like them too. 

Enjoy the pampering ladies and gents :)

Sunday, 26 June 2016

#MySundayPhoto : Beauty and the beast at the panto

By On 02:13
One thing i enjoyed as a kid was going to the panto. We would go every year with the school and is one thing me and most of my friends looked forward to the most. 

At £50 for a family ticket, the panto is a little out of our reach, especially after adding on bus fare and treats. We was lucky enough to be chosen for a family ticket from our local bus company and went along to the Easter productions. I know it defeats the object on this weeks photo but I have misplaced my phone and this one was handy.  

We got to see a few familiar faces - Keith Chegwin and ITV's Anne Hegerty from The Chase. My childhood favorite Basil Brush was there as well to boom boom through the panto. 

We loved it so much that when the Christmas shows come to Nottingham, we will be saving up to take the kids for a Christmas treat.


Thursday, 23 June 2016

Here's a surprise... I started Avon!

By On 16:42

Anyone who knows me has probably heard e say that i would never do one of these work from home jobs! Well i bit the bullet and i signed up to Avon.  

Recently we have hit a bad patch financially, hubby is on reduced pay and i needed to find something to do which would pay the rent each month. My sister who is an Avon Representative suggested trying Avon myself to see if it could help things at home. 

It was not just the financial side of it that i signed up. I have 2 girls who do not understand the value of money. They believe the magical money tree appears each night and drops me £100 so that they can have the things they have and the roof over their head. I didn't want them growing up with this attitude and needed to find a way to set the idea, that the tree does not exist and it is through hard work that we have what we have. As well as this being a long term sufferer of social anxiety i have become aware how much me being a hermit is effecting my children. In order to kick this in the butt i need to get out there, meet new people and show my children that it is not scary and making friends is possible. 

Meet Max - The newest member of the Saving Mummy's Pennies Household!

By On 16:16
You are all aware that i went MIA for a few months. Ill explain more in other posts but it it has been a busy time. One of the reasons were this little bundle of fluff! 

We were given the opportunity to adopt Max, a very energetic orange roan working cocker spaniel. It has been 6 months since we adopted him so i thought id do a quick meet max post. 

Here's Max

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

#MHAW16: Dear Gareth

By On 14:07
This is one of my favourite quotes regarding mental health. One that i believe is very true and one which i think personally reflects me. 

We Eat Wednesday: Buttercream frosting recipes

By On 12:31

As some may be aware, i am on a little bit of a baking binge at the moment. The school fundraisers are coming up and little K has asked me to make some cakes that she can sell in school to raise money for their new playground equipment. Of course i am happy to take part but a baker i am not! 

Earlier in the month i shared a infographic with baking tips. These buttercream recipes that i found over on SheKnows, i think compliment it nicely. 



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